SIP & Move at Marina Bay Spa.♥

by - February 19, 2018

Almost everywhere you look now, people are very concerned about their health and look after it very well. I actually vowed myself to keep a healthy lifestyle as much as I can. Though, I know how tempting it is to slip back into unhealthy ways by eating junk food or drinking carbonated drinks, we have to keep in mind that, health is wealth and we should never sacrifice it even for a bit. :)

SIP Purified Water has reminded me to continuously strive to be healthy when I attended their recent event at Marina Bay.♥

Marina Bay is a Spa and a Lifestyle Club for people who want to relax, chill with friends and workout. It's located along the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia. Some blogger friends and I got to experience their wonderful facilities.

Best thing about Marina Bay is that their Holistic four hour spa already includes a buffet and it's only for Php 1,500! Pretty amazing deal, if you ask me. :)

For more information, visit: :)

For the first time too, I got to try Cardio MMA and boy! Was that a workout for me! I realized I needed more exercise! Haha! >_< But it was good to break a sweat!

Even when you're busy working out, don't forget to hydrate at all times! :) I honestly got sick beginning of this year, because the doctor told me I needed more water in my body. After that advise, I make sure to drink lots of water every single day! :) Hoping this will lead to a much better lifestyle! ^_^

SIP Purified Water is filtered through volcanic rocks, the natural way! :)

Not only is water good for your insides, like your kidneys, but it also keeps your skin looking good. :)  Cos dehydration can actually make your skin look dry or dull. :)

Carry a bottle with you everywhere you go, so you never forgot to hydrate!

For more information, visit :)

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