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by - February 04, 2018

If you've been to other countries or constantly on the lookout for cool places to visit, you must have stumbled upon some of the most quirky museums around dedicated to food. For one, there's the Ramen Museum in Japan, Frietmuseum (fries) in Belgium, Kimchi Museum in Seoul, Museum of Ice Cream in LA, Currywurst Museum (sausage) in Germany, and many more. :)

Here in Manila, we finally have our very own to add to the list of cool food a.k.a. Instagrammable museums for you to visit - The Dessert Museum!♥

From the creators of Inflatable Island is another one-of-a-kind experience for you and your friends/loved ones to enjoy. You will surely have fun munching your way through 8 yummy and cute dessert-filled rooms. ^_^ 

The Hubby and I were lucky enough to be one of the first few to explore the uniquely themed rooms yesterday and we definitely basked in the happiness of sugar rush!

We went to the museum around 3PM, because that was the time given to us. I found when I got there that we had to enter by batches and this was actually good cos this gave us the chance to appreciate each room and take lots of photos! :) You can stay in a certain room for 15 minutes tops!

This band allows you to get FREE dessert in each rooms! You just simply let the staff/guide tap it with their phone :)

The moment we entered, we were already greeted by the lovely staff of the museum and instantly handed each a dessert bar! ^_^ Awesome welcome if you ask me! BTW, I am loving their outfit so much!

Will share with you all 8 rooms that we visited below...


This is the first room that you'll see when you enter The Dessert Museum and it is one of my favorites! From the adorably hanged sprinkled donuts that remind me of The Simpsons, to churros handrails, and sliding down the donut hole, how can you not get caught up here? :)


Each room has an ultra-cool fact about your favorite sweets! ;)

Once you've fully immersed yourself in the Donut Room, you'll be ready to begin your sugar high adventure at the Marshmallow Room! :)

I'm sure this is my husband's favorite room! With mallows raining over us and a yummy treat over at the licorice rainbow, it was an instant hit! ^_^ We were actually surprised that the marshmallows over at the rainbow were edible! Plus they had dips to go with it too! No double-dipping, please! >_<

Indulge in sweet treats in some rooms!♥

Before anything else, are you NICE or NAUGHTY? ;) Choose your path!

I honestly picked the NAUGHTY door cos it was pink! =P


I think I'm too heavy for my Husband >_< Haha!

Whether you're naughty or nice, we all meet in the middle!

This particular rooms reminds of me the Candy Cane Forest in Wreck it Ralph! But this one taps your inner 5 year old with the seesaw, swings and candy-store vibes. :)


I scream for ice cream! Or in this case, I was in total awe of this room! Cuteness overload! ^_^


Got to feel what it is like to be inside a gum ball machine! >_<

My childhood was made up chewing gum all the time cos it was my favorite candy! :) What was yours? Glad I actually still see some gum ball machines around malls!


My second favorite is the Gummy Room. :) It's bursting with cuteness and happiness with the life size gummy bears filling up the room and the candy-filled bathtubs! 

Fun facts about Gummy bears

1. They were invented in early 1920s 
2. They were originally called "Dancing Bear Treats"
3. The green ones from Haribo are Strawberry flavored
4. You can buy a 26 pound gummy bear online


A mutual favorite of mine and the hubby!♥

Who would have thought, I could experience being inside a cotton candy machine? >_< This room is the absolute cutest! I feel like I really belong here with my pink dress! =P 

TIP: Dress up in a single colored outfit or solid ones to match the rooms! That would really make a cute photo! ^_^

It's so cool how cotton candy has evolved. You can now have them in different flavors and even shapes! :)


Last, but not the least is the cake pop room. :) We were told that you can ride on the cake pops and the immediate thing that popped in my head was Miley Cyrus singing Wrecking Ball! LOL! >_< I was tempted to do that if I wasn't in a dress. ;)

The Dessert Museum was indeed as fun as I imagined and I'm glad I was able to experience sliding, playing and eating my way through all 8 rooms. :) If you're after something Instagram-worthy and unique, this is the place you would want to visit. :)

The museum officially opens to the public on FEBRUARY 10, 2018!

Ticket prices: Php 799/Weekdays | Php 899/Weekends 

The ticket includes a 2 hour tour + up to 6 FREE desserts!

You can also book your tickets online and save! From Php 799 to Php 699 :)

Located at: S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

For more information and updates, visit or ♥

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