Enjoy Life's Little Surprises with Bambini Baby Cologne.♥

by - March 13, 2018

I remember reading an article online a few weeks back. There, it talks about how our babies grow up really fast and while they're still little, we should take mental pictures of the sweet gestures, cute ways, and treasure every bonding moment that we can. After reading that, I got so teary-eyed. It spoke to me so much and true enough, my own kids are growing up real fast and I will make sure I'm there for them every step of the way. :)

Bambini Baby Cologne, a brand that has been trusted for years, also feels the same way about treasuring the bond we share with our babies. :) Last Saturday, they launched their newest brand ambassadors at Glorietta 3 through a fun boot camp for families to enjoy!

The Bambini Family Boot Camp was filled with fun activities, like an inflatable castle, mini pitball, huge coloring wall, and DIY tote bags. :)

I wish the kids were with me that day. They would have surely enjoyed this! They were so busy with their toys at home that they missed out on this fun! >_< But if I did have them with me, Asher would definitely love the inflatable castle, while Athan the pitball! ^_^

Giving importance to enjoying life's little surprises, Bambini Baby Cologne released five new (5) scents with gentle and non-irritating formula to make playtime more enjoyable and your kids smelling fresh all day. :) My personal favorite is the Ocean Kisses!

Scents: Ocean Kisses | Starry Lullaby | Morning Tickles | Cotton Cuddles | Sunny Playtime ♥


25ml - Php 17.00
50ml - Php 32.00
125ml - Php 61.00

The new ambassadors of Bambini Baby Cologne - Mommy Iya Villania-Arellano and Baby Primo! Did you know that Iya is gonna have a second baby soon? ^_^ 
Watch their adorable video below...

Mommy Iya's fave scent is the Sunny Playtime, while Primo loves Starry Lullaby! So cute how he has a favorite!♥ Love how Iya shared that Primo would pour all of the cologne on him, so there isn't much Starry Lullaby left at home anymore! Haha! I can relate! Asher was like that when he was a baby and I could actually smell him fair across the room cos he finished the whole bottle! >_<

Iya and Primo with Team Bambini! :)

The Bambini Baby Cologne made me realize more how blessed I feel to be a Mom and truly, the highlights are all the little surprises that it has to offer. :) Can't imagine life without cute giggles, school programs that tug your heart strings, and those warm hugs and kisses!

For more information about Bamini, visit: https://www.facebook.com/BambiniBabyPh/. :)

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  1. Let me say first that I like your Ootd in this event.
    Anyways, I think baby colognes are not just for baby's or kids, they are also great for teens and adults, lakas kasi maka fresh through out the day.


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