The first Catsup Museum in the Philippines!♥

by - March 16, 2018

I believe this year is the time of quirky museums for me. First it was The Dessert Museum last month and this March, I went to the first ever Catsup Museum here in the Philippines! :) I would say that's a pretty good start of the year! New and fun places to visit! ^_^

NutriAsia is a powerhouse of our beloved, timeless, and iconic Filipino food brands, like Silver Swan, Datu Puti, Mang Tomas, UFC, Papa, Jufran and Golden Fiesta. I'm sure most of you have one or more of these products in your household! We have them and The Mind Museum to thank for launching The Catsup Museum

Today was the official launch of The Catsup Museum and fortunately for us, NutriAsia invited us Mom bloggers to Cabuyao, Laguna to have a tour of this cute and educational place. :)

This museum aims to immortalize the story of banana catsup through an informative and interactive experience. It also communicates the importance of timeless Filipino virtues of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and handwork to the younger generation. :)

This friendly banana greeting us when we arrived!

With fellow Moms Kaye, Jen and Aci :)

The moment you step in the museum, there is no shortage of bananas in sight! >_< Automatically makes me feel like a Minion! My fave is definitely this banana chandelier.  

One of the cutest and colorful catsup that I've ever encountered, the UFC Color Crazee Banana Catsup! Adds fun to any meal for sure! ^_^ Have you ever tried these?

First thing I learned in this museum is that the seeds of our bananas now are quite small, but before, they were the size of marbles! Wow! There are plenty of fun facts to know about Bananas and you'll see that here. :)

The museum is divided through different halls...

The Maria Orosa Hall

The greatest fact of all is that, Filipina food technologist Maria Orosa is actually the inventor of the banana catsup recipe! ^_^ She was able to create this during the midst of war when tomato was so expensive, she was resourceful and was able to create the condiment we all love today! Shows you how resilient people are during the war!♥ Unfortunately, she also died cos of the war, but she left a huge contribution to food recipes and preparations!


Next up, we got to explore The Manufacturing Hall through an immersive step by step view of the production of commercial banana catsup.

Never knew how intricate it was to make banana catsup!

There are also cool chemistry talk, slides, and color activities inside the museum!

Finally, we got to explore the Bana-quet Hall, where there are larger than life installations of food and our favorite banana castup! Cute!

Through this fun and interactive approach, The Catsup Museum promotes not only knowledge of Philippine history and culture, but also advocate the importance of science in food manufacturing. This will surely make you proud to be Pinoy! :)

This is the kind of museum that your little ones will enjoy! Especially those who are very fond of catsup!

Here's a short video that I took of the museum...

A little field trip with fellow mom bloggers and their kiddos!

The Catsup Museum will be open for appointment only to schools within the province of Laguna. :) For more information and inquiries, visit ♥

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  1. If this existed na before, it would have been one of the places na pupuntahan natin'pag field trip. Hehe. I would love to visit the catsup museum... Because I love catsup! Haha! Ang layo lang. It's perfect for field trips talaga since very informative din talaga ng museum. :)


  2. This place is truely amazing, fun and educational. For sure if Asher is with you matutuwa sya, di lang kids ang ma aamaze pati adults. Seeing your pictures makes me and my daughter wanna go their kaso malayo. Ngayon, nalaman ko pano nagkaroon ng banana catsup which a lot of people find it weird.


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