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by - March 02, 2018

I remember seeing this tweet online last time and it went something like, "When you open my closet: Welcome to Uniqlo!" I laughed so hard after reading it cos I related to it so much! True enough, most of my clothes are from UNIQLO and I'm sure even you wouldn't doubt why I love their garments, because they honestly have the comfiest, stylish basics around, and a staple in almost everyone's closet. ^_^

Yesterday, they've officially launched their Spring/Summer 2018 LifeWear collection and below is a little sneak-peek before you hit the stores!

With my girls Ashley and Ana at the launch! I'm wearing an all UNIQLO ensemble here! :)


Inner wear that is silky smooth on the skin. It wicks away sweat for a fresh and comfortable feeling all day long. This season's AIRism lineup features numerous varieties including:  MESH, JERSEY, and SEAMLESS. The popular women's AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts, now available in updated fabric, can be matched with wireless bratops to optimize comfort. New to the lineup is the AIRism Slip that features a low curved neckline and adjuster ideal for low-cut dresses and tops. In the men's range, UNIQLO is augmenting its AIRism Boxer Briefs with casual AIRism Trunks.


This collection is perfect for strenuous sports and outdoor activities, quickly wicking away sweat and offering great elasticity, water repellency, and wind protection. The simple designs also mean that items can double as comfortable daily wear for active life. For this season, you have designs from artists included in the SPRZ NY collaborative collection including Experimental Jetset, Francois Morellet, and Niko Luoma


UNIQLO U is me! 

The new collection comes in a palette of forest and floral greens, blues inspired by skies and seas, and orange and red accents. The range also features numerous motif patterns, such as stripes and color borders. New items include the 3D Crew Neck Balloon Dress, whose fit and flare silhouette enhances felinity and the new Crewneck T-shirt which is now more durable and substantial. Also new to the women's line are the Blocktech Raincoats, and men's Open Collar shirts in new and vibrant hues, prints and patterns.

I must confess that I love the men's line so much! I think I want to get a shirt or two! >_<


UNIQLO Jeans combine the best and most comfortable denim of one of the world's leading fabric manufacturer's, Kaihara, with advanced designs and silhouettes from state-of-the-art processing technology. This season, updates include women's boyfriend jeans in a stylishly masculine fit and cigarette jeans in new spring colors. Also revamped are the silhouettes of the men's and women's EZY Jeans for more authentic styling and comfort. The men's line-up include new Color Skinny Jeans to offer more attractive seasonal styling options.

This is my ultimate favorite when it comes to boyfriend jeans. I remember sales-talking my mom on how amazing and comfy the 3 pairs I have at home when she asked where it was best to buy not-so-fitted jeans. :)


Contributing to the healthy growth of the young from day one, the kids and babies collection features clothing for the younger set that is made with UNIQLO's clothing technology including AIRism. UNIQLO provides clothing that matches the high activity levels of children, making it easy for them to wear and move around, is colorfully cute, stylish, and above all is safe. Key products include Kids' Ultra Stretch Pants made with fabrics that offers elasticity for easy movement. For babies and newborns, 100% cotton mesh fabric is used for this year's lineup of underwear.

Their baby wear line comes recommended by moms from Smart Parenting for excellence in quality, design, comfort and wearability!


Smart Ankle Pants for women combine an elegant look with a relaxed comfortable feel. These versatile pants provide many styling options for dressy or casual occasions.


UT continues to evolve to energize and convey the individuality of wearers. This season sees an extensive rollout of traditional and modern pop culture graphics from Japan and all over the world. Other graphics include Studio Sanderson for UNIQLO, featuring elegant Sanderson floral patterns and embroidery in fresh and vibrant colors, available for adults and kids. Exciting additions to the SPRZ NY project is the SPRZ NY EAMES T-shirt line that celebrates the groundbreaking contributions of Charles and Ray Eames to modern design, art, and culture.


The new collection for women will comprise a complete line of items that brighten lifestyles by combining the timelessly bold and vibrant print designs of Finnish designer Marimekko with the quality and comfort of UNIQLO's casual street style. The pieces combine UNIQLO's minimalist aesthetic with Marimekko's signature bold patterns and prints. The collection includes graphic t-shirts, swingy sleeveless blouses, wide-leg cropped pants, and sleeveless shift dresses. Printed drawstring bag and tote bags are also available, as well as canvas sneakers.

When I saw this collection, I swear, I couldn't stop saying how much I coveted it! I'm praying that it wouldn't be too expensive (since most collaborations have an elevation in price), but either way, I want the cute tops!! ^_^

Spotted Iya Villania-Arellano and adorable PRIMO! He was looking directly at me cos I was making funny faces! >_< Haha!

In case you're wondering, UNIQLO U's second release and Studio Sanderson is on March 5, so don't miss out! I heard sizes run out pretty fast! :) While Marimekko will come out on April 2! Mark your calendars!

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