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by - March 05, 2018

When it comes to gift-giving, it can be difficult at times because you get certain concerns, like does he/she have this already? Will he/she like this? or the thought that he/she has everything already. I'm sure at some point, you heard yourself saying or pondering about these. I myself do!

But what exactly do you get people who almost have everything or who are non-materialistic?

I'm not sure if it comes with age, but gifts for me nowadays matter more when they come from the heart or was really given much thought. Because truly, what can be better than a gift filled with so much meaning to it and memories. :)

Whatever the occasion may be, birthday, anniversary or Christmas, I believe these two shops would definitely make it to your list when it comes to touching a loved one's heart.♥


The moment I encountered Rainbow Unicorn Manila was on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to them, because of their unique offering of turning artworks into plushies! :) It's the first time that I ever saw such this and I even got the kids excited to draw their favorite characters and we submitted it to Rainbow Unicorn MNL to turn into dolls. After two weeks, we were able to get them and they look exactly like their drawings! ♥  ^_^

I posted this on my Instagram and one Mom follower actually pointed out that aside from these being cute toys, they are a nice keepsake for when my boys finally grow up. It's something they can show their own children someday and pass on a treasure from their childhood. :)

Athan drew Road Blocks :)

Asher drew Ms. Fritter from Cars 3 :)

The price of each plush made is Php 600- Php 800 depending on the complexity of the artwork. :) Aside from artwork plush, they also have busy books and fidget boards all made with the loving hands of licensed professional teacher Mika, Occupational Therapist Joice and their son Gavin. :) They promote gadget free-playtime, which I really love! Especially in our generation that is gadget-filled!



The first time I stumbled upon Bubba Doodles was when I was browsing through the Mommy Mundo Expo Mom feed on Instagram  (oh the many things you find on the gram!) and it was love at first sight! I knew I had to go to the bazaar myself and see it in person. So, I went and I was able to meet fellow Mom, Karen Ayala, the brainchild/mompreneur behind Bubba Doodles.♥ 

At this age of my kids, Athan 9 and Asher 5, I cherish every single artwork that they make and how I wish I can keep them close to me forever. I'm sure my fellow Moms would feel the same way too! Especially that kids grow up so fast. :'( Fortunately, Bubba Doodles takes children's artworks and turn them into loving keepsakes, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains. :)

I remember the first time I asked Athan to draw (he was 8 years old then) me a picture of him and Asher together cos I wanted something to remind me of both of them and he came up with the necklace below...

He drew Asher in a diaper, if you can see and both of them with hearts.♥ The moment I got it in the mail I showed it to Athan and I instantly saw him beaming with pride. :) I, too, couldn't get enough of this masterpiece!

Recently, I received another beautiful piece from Bubba Doodles and it's their newest line of Charm bracelets. :) Athan drew some of his favorite things:

♥  Dinosaur - He loved dinosaurs as a baby and I think we watched Jurassic Park III countless times on DVD to the point of exhaustion. R.I.P. >_< Haha!

♥  Gameboy - gadgets and games is what Athan enjoys during this past time and his favorite!

♥  Car - He drew us inside the car during our rides. :)

♥ Hotel building - he super loves staycations and always thinks it's the best family bonding!

Asher also made an adorable contribution to the bracelet...

♥ Girl Doodle - this is actually his drawing of me! ^_^ So cute!!

The most treasured pieces in my jewelry collection, you can be sure. :) 

Even when Athan and Asher are already teenagers, I would have their baby doodles with me always!♥

So, instead of buying any jewelry, why not get your loved ones their very own Bubba Doodles? A necklace for Mom? Keychain for Dad/Grandpa or bracelet for a girlfriend, perhaps? A keepsake that is timeless and a work of heart. :)

The price for the jewelry line starts at Php 2,000 and are made of high quality stainless steel. :) It withstands tarnishing, and compatible with sensitive skin.

Thank you, Karen for creating pieces that mean the whole world to us Mommas!


Artsy Ava

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  1. Wow! Both the shops are cute and so smart for coming with their products! They captured my heart. ^___^


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