Singapore Day 1: Marina Bay Sands.♥

by - April 14, 2018

Been jumping from one travel post to another ever since my South Korea trip. I still have two pending posts from my Japan trip and probably also two for South Korea. I'll get to them soon! For now, I want to start on Singapore before leaving again! :)

Traveling last year was a blast for me. Being able to go to three of my bucket list countries was a dream come true and of course, I can't thank my Mom enough for being so game and taking me to places that I thought I wouldn't be able to visit in a long time. :) 

Usually, December is the time we spend with family and we really don't go anywhere. But my mom decided to have a little adventure after Christmas and off to Singapore we went!

We took Jet Star again for this trip and I suggest booking months ahead, so you get a good deal or price. :) Just a little warning though that they're really strict with luggage allowance. Beyond 7kg, you will pay for a total of 15kg. Regardless, if you have a 8 or 10kg weight, you will pay for the 15kg. Sadly, what do you expect from a budget airline? :(

For this trip, we arrived at Singapore around 4:00PM (SG and Manila have the same timezone) and the first thing on our list was to get our tourist SIM from the CHEERS Convenience store.

*Booked this via KLOOK*

What we initially wanted to book was a pocket WiFi, but I highly suggest that if you're going on a trip in the month of December, book weeks ahead! I tried booking days before and everything was fully booked. :( But no regrets cos this was the first time that I tried out the 4G SIM Card and I recommend this! For only Php 594, it has 100GB Data and I was able to use this for all my social media/internet needs, Google Maps, and even calling my Mom when we had to part ways sometimes. :) I used this for 4 days and I even had a lot of data left when our time in SG was over. :) At least with a SIM card, you only need to focus on your phone and not have to worry about your pocket WiFi getting lowbatt.

Spotted this cute Hello Kitty installation at Terminal 2, I think? 

When we finished with immigration and getting our bags, the MRT can conveniently be found within the airport! :)  I suggest that you get a stored value card and load it up with at least $SGD 40 if you're staying for 5 days. :) If you don't end up using the whole amount, you can easily get it refunded.

Unlike Japan, where I got so confused with the train system and never understood it until I left, Singapore was the complete opposite! I mastered it in just one day! ^_^ So easy! Just simply follow the color of the lines and which station you're transferring or going to. :)

After all the airport hustle and bustle, we headed to our AirBnB at Somerset Station. :) There is a long walk going to our AirBnB from Somerset Station and I didn't really expect this. But the place was indeed beautiful! :) Love the heritage looking apartment. 

*Booked this AirBnB place HERE*

This is the place is Php 3, 486 per night and it has its own bathroom, WiFi, and TV too! Plus nice staff that are always around to help! :)

Though our place requires a bit of a walk, it has its perks of being near the shopping locations, like Orchard and we had a 24 hour grocery nearby, so we got to stock up for our room easily. :)

Like I mentioned above, we arrived at Singapore already at a late time, so there isn't really much to do, so knowing this even way before our trip, I still made sure we at least had something to do, like go to Marina Bay Sands and watch their Spectra light show that happens at the event plaza around 8:00 and 9:00PM everyday for 15 minutes and is absolutely FREE to the public. :)

But first dinner! We dined at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and this is my favorite place! The mall opens 10:30AM and closes at 11PM. We practically went here 3-4x during our 4day stay! :) This place is so pretty and filled with luxury stores!

Spotted Pandora in the mall and got a Christmas gift from Mom! :)

Mom and I were already hungry when we got to Marina Bay Sands cos our last meal was before leaving Manila. So, the first restaurant we saw was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro. :) This reminded me so much of the bistro version back in Manila. My love for CBTL is still evident in SG! Haha! ^_^

We also discovered in our few hours stay in Marina Bay that there are so many Filipinos! Truly, SG is a melting pot of cultures and we didn't struggle at all in terms of communication. :)

The beautiful night view of the event place.

A glimpse of the Spectra light show! :)

After the light show, we headed back and just admired Marina Bay Sands hotel at night. :) Got to tick this one off my bucket list! Yey!

That ends our first day in Singapore! Can't wait to blog the rest! :)

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  1. woowww andaming ganap sana mkapasyal din dyan

  2. when in Singapore.... ahh i miss the food, the weather and of course the lovely people

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