SM Stationery Art Fest 2018!♥

by - April 12, 2018

It is that time of the year again when SM Stationery encourages you to unleash your creativity at their flagship event, SM Stationery Art Fest 2018! :) Now on its third year, they launch the first out of 5 legs at SM Makati and welcome you all to celebrate through artsy workshops.♥

From April 11-15, 2018, SM Stationery will be at the ground floor of SM Makati and here are some of the activities and things you can expect when you go...

SM Stationery carries the cutest and quirkiest stationery items! :) I often visit them at the department store to check what new stuff they have cos I have such a weak spot for cute stuff. :) Just look at those notebooks and pens! ♥ They also carry travel essentials at their store if you need any!

You can never have too many nice drawing pens and brush pens from Sakura.♥ This brand carries quality materials and you can use this for a number of art projects! I personally love Koi for Calligraphy and doing gradient cos they blend so well. :)

The beauty of creating your own personalized notebook at the iFex Fine Paper booth! :) You pick out everything from the size, cover, notebook inserts, breakers, binder, and you can even add a monogram! 

Other booths spotted...

The Faber-Castell booth already filled with people busy getting creative! :) My personal favorite from them is their colored pencils! 

Oh and can I just say that I love the Yayoi Kusama-inspired theme going on in each booth?♥

Elmer's glue has been a childhood staple of mine and I love their glitter glue! I use it for my pattern play artworks! :) But for the Art Fest, you can learn how to make slime! ^_^ This is so much fun, I promise!

They also have a new variant out, the washable clear glue! You can check it out at their booth!

The Dong-A booth had these super cute clay creations out! ^_^ The food theme looks so real!

After exploring the different booths, my blogger friends and I settled down and so happy that in my 3 years of attending Art Fest, I finally got to try the workshops! :)
With Trice, Crissey and Keithleen :)

Admiring Tippy's table and their work! :)
The first workshop we tried out was Brush Pen Calligraphy by Pilot/Carl Chua. :) This was not foreign to me anymore since I teach this at Assumption, but I do lack practice since I stopped for a long time, so this was a good back-to-basics thing for me. :) 
Next workshop was Script Lettering by Ifex/Paolo Tugano...

When you're too enthusiastic about pens = our faces haha!

Lettering is different from calligraphy cos you actually modify the way you write the letters already. :) I have yet to master this! But glad I was able to get tips!

Third workshop was Oriental Pattern Collage by Faber-Castell/Ian de Jesus. Not a total pro like Sir Ian, but I also love doing patterns! ^_^ If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen my pattern play artworks. :) Enjoyed this workshop!

Crissey's super cute version!

My outputs: a combination of workshop two and three! Though my Script Lettering looks more like calligraphy >_< Oops! Haha!

Fourth workshop was something we were all looking forward to and was so hyped about! Slime workshop by Elmers/Teacher Jill. :)

Materials needed: Elmer's Glue | baking powder | lotion | shaving cream | contact lenses solution | food color | glitters | glow in the dark powder | spoon | googly eyes

Who knew that the materials were so easy to find? :) Some are just in your household! :)

Got to try the new variant of Elmer's Glue... Yey! ^_^ Teacher Jill told us that the white version of Elmer's can actually make your slime more pastel than the transparent one. :)

Added just two drops of food coloring to maintain a light color for my slime!

I definitely didn't go stingy on the glitter! :) 

The final product...

Meet Blubber! ♥ ^_^ Haha! Thank you, teacher Jill for teaching us the art of slime! My first one too!

Next, we had Basics on Psychedelic Art by Sakura/Evanna Chan...

She's so talented! Her forte is moving art and I love how her art isn't the typical kind and something new for me to learn! :)

Last, but not the least is Nightscapes Watercolor Painting by Tokyo Finds/Avin del Rosario!

Each table had a sample of her watercolor painting and it's so pretty!!♥ The slime workshop and this would have to be my favorite!

My very own version of Nightscapes Watercolor Painting! ^_^ I'm happy with it! We had a good teacher!

I had so much fun learning new artsy fartsy stuff today and can't wait to do it at home!

Want to learn everything that we did? :) You can too!

Each workshop we took ran for 30 minutes since it was just the launch. But if you will be attending on the weekend, they would be 1 hour. :)

Here's how you can avail of the SM Stationery Art Fest Workshops happening on April 14-15...

Workshops can be pricey at times, but for only Php 300 worth of items from the booths at the SM Stationery Art Fest, you can already attend one (1) workshop for FREE! :) Learn a new skill and have a fun weekend!

Here's the complete schedule of workshops and artists. :)

If you live near or go to work around SM Makati, don't miss out on this fun event! In case you do, watch out for the upcoming legs in different malls! :)

For more information, visit and :)

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  1. If only I'm in Manila, I'd really want to go here. I wanna learn how to make slime actually. I've been watching slime videos lately and it has been really relaxing for some weird reason. Haha! And btw, the green slime with lots of eyes kind of freaked me out. Hahahaha!


  2. I remember those days na mahilig ako nyan with diff designs. Cute ng sakura pens��


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