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by - June 29, 2018

Every single time my kids watch television, they spend most of their time watching Cartoon Network. Especially my youngest son Asher who doesn't want any channel but that. :) I even encounter them singing songs from the shows that they watch and believe it or not, it was my eldest son Athan who introduced me to Adventure Time! I loved it ever since! ^_^ But I won't deny that I'm also a Cartoon Network girl, myself! Growing up, I used to watch The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, and so much more! So nostalgic! I'm sure you, guys watched those too if you're a 90s kid! ;) It's really a fun channel to watch and it's nice to see that even my kids have grown to love it. :)

Recently, Cartoon Network held an event at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center called, 'Imagination Studios' and this fun-filled day was all about showcasing the artistic talents of kids and kids-at-heart.

When my kids are on summer vacation, I want to take them to as much activities or events as I can and this particular one screams 'THEM' so much! :) My Cartoon Network fan boys! =P

As soon as we got to the venue, it was already packed with people and I could see that not only the kids were getting excited, but also the adults! :) I don't blame them cos I instantly wanted to jump in and do all the fun activities with my boys! ^_^

The first activity we did was the Adventure Time 'Awesome Imagination Land!' :) Here you colored in candy people characters, you scan them and off they go on the screen! 

This really got the boys hyped up! Seeing the work on screen made them so proud! :) It gave me TeamLab feels too, if you're familiar with that! ^_^ Super cute!

The kiddos enjoy coloring or drawing when they're idle at home, so it makes sense that they enjoy these kinds of activities also at the event! :)

I'm kind of clueless with the other Cartoon Network shows nowadays, so when the kiddos sat down and started drawing their favorite characters, I kept asking who they were! Haha! ^_^ Good thing they didn't find me maculate

After drawing, we watched a few CN shows that were also playing at the event and this is where I finally discovered who Mr. Gar was from Athan's drawing! >_<

One of my recent favorite from Cartoon Network is We Bare Bears! So obsessed with their cuteness! I love the episodes wherein they're still little cubs! ^_^

Aside from these activities, there was also a pledge wall adorned with many of creativity promises and signatures from the event participants as a promise to themselves to keep on nurturing their creativity and talent. :)

Below on the upper right is what Athan wrote and the one next to it is Asher's drawing of Richard, a character from Unikitty! >_< He doesn't know how to write much yet, but he loves Richard, so he expressed it!

The CN Forever paper is from Athan!  ^_^

Other things the kids enjoyed at the CN Imagination Studios event...

They made their own Powerpuff character! Who says they're only for boys?? Haha! Cutie! They had a short quiz after creating your character and both boys had the same result - HUG MONSTERS! Well, they truly are! 

One of their favorite booths was the Play-Doh cos they got to create different things!

Athan's monster creation! He definitely made his imagination go free on this! Love it!

One of the many highlights of the day was Cartoon Network's ImagiNATION BUILDING Notebook Design contest. The winning entry will be printed on notebooks donated to a selected public school. Other participants of the contest were also recognized for their talent in creative design with their works displayed in a colorful gallery. :)

So cute! ^_^ I love the We Bare Bears x Steven Universe combination above! :) Congratulations to all the participants and winner!

Of course, a Cartoon Network event wouldn't be complete without a face-to-face with our favorite characters! ^_^ I'm totally fan-girling here! Not just the kids! Haha! We love you, Ice bear, Pan-pan and Grizz!

My kids and I really had an amazing time at the CN Imagination Studios event! It was a great way for them to express their creativity off-screen and just have fun!

Missed the chance to go to the event? Don't worry! Visit and for updates about their upcoming events! :)

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  1. I've been seeing We Bare Bears in Miniso! Cartoon Network pala siya. Haha! Hindi ko na nga rin alam ano mga bagong shows in CN, but I remember watching Time Squad, Ed Edd Eddy, Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, etc. Yan ata ang panahon natin? Hehe

    Anyway, looks like your kids had a really great time. You're such an awesome mom for always taking the time to bond with your kids despite, I bet, a very busy sched. :)



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