A Day With Lampe Berger.♥

by - June 26, 2018

I don't know if it comes with age, but lately, I've been into essential oils or having those aromatic scents at home. :) It just gives off that relaxing vibe and of course, leaves off the room smelling great.   I've tried some brands before and recently, I have come to discover Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger has been around since the 1898 and was invented by Maurice Berger in response to a major preoccupation at that time - a sepsis in hospitals. It helped purified the air in enclosed rooms. Later on, it was applied for private use and in the 1950s, Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Colette and Picasso had their own Lampe Berger. Until this very day, they have made a mark in people's homes as a top quality perfume diffuser. :)

The beauty of each Lampe Berger is that, it's not like most diffusers that we see being sold at the mall. It has an elegant touch to it and the fragrances actually serves many purposes. Some are for relaxation, sleeping, keeping away mosquitos, and more.♥

The top 3 functions of Lampe Berger is to eliminate bad odors, to fragrance the air durably, and to decorate your home. :) It's perfect in any parts of your house!

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We were taught at the event that what makes Lampe Berger special too is that, they have the AIR PR System 3C(R) burner which diffuses the fragrances throughout the room. You burn it for 20-30 minutes and the fragrance can last for hours and you wouldn't even have to worry about plugs anymore or wires in the room. :) Hence, it's a great decor to your home! You just have to pick the lamp. ;)

Other environmental hygiene benefits of the brand:

1. Eliminates bacteria
2. Eliminates unpleasant odors of any kind, such as cooking odors
3. Decomposes second hand smoke 
4. Improves overall air quality 
5. Effective insect repellant such as dust mites, mosquitoes, fleas, ants and other insects

Just looking at all those benefits, don't you already want one in your home? ^_^ I, especially want the insect repellant scent, please! Or the Green Apple scent, as it was said to help in sleeping! >_<

Oh and great news, guys! If you want to buy your very own Lampe Berger, for a minimum purchase of Php 1,000, you can get Php 200 OFF! ^_^ Just use my PROMO Code: AVA on their site: https://lampeberger.ph/. :)

Aside from their best-seller or usual products, we also got to see the unveiling of their newest product, the Parfum Berger.

The Parfum Berger is perfect for those who want to induce a true olfactory signature to their home. A  collection made with exceptional fragrances by master perfumers in tribute to french tradition. :)

We each got to take home our very own Parfum Berger Bouquet Lys Jasmin. It has this delicate ceramic lily on top that I just adore.♥ It also came with a 200mL recharge bottle  of Precious Jasmine. :) I love it!

Complete list of Lampe Berger Stores: https://lampeberger.ph/stores. ♥

For more information about Lampe Berger, visit: https://lampeberger.ph. :)

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