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by - August 22, 2018

Being a mom, I always make sure that I go for quality and comfort when it comes to what my kids wear or use. Nowadays, there are so many brands in the market, which gives me so many options to choose from. But truly, only a few provide the best.

When it comes to undergarments, I think Hanford is one of the best when it comes to durability, comfort and quality. They have been around since 1954 and known to be a well-loved brand by many.

My kids practically live in their undergarments. My eldest son Athan always uses white classic r-neck short sleeves shirt under his school uniform and it’s essential everyday. With my youngest son Asher, his tank tops and boxers keep him cool when playing at home. :)

Hanford Boys Classic V-Neck Short Sleeves Shirt : Php 164.75 | Handford Boys Classic Camisa Short Sleeves Shirt: Php 184.75

Their Hanford undergarments are also an essential when packing their extra clothes for school and when we’re out. :)

Hanford Boys SK Regular Tank: Php 144.75    

Handford Boys Hipster Briefs: Php 329.75

Comfort is really important for me when it comes to my kids. I want them to be able to move freely and not be limited just because they find what they’re wearing constricting, itchy or irritating. It will affect their entire day. Especially when your kids are doing their job a.k.a. playtime! ;) And playtime is no fun when your clothes are stiff.

When my boys are comfortable, they can happily go about their day with ease and with Hanford, I know my kids are always comfortable with their lightweight and breathable cotton fabric undergarments. Best part mommas, it’s also affordable and will last you a long time. :)

On another note, I also adore that Hanford has a wide variety of undergarment choices and they’ve come up with more cute designs and colors for their boys’ line.  It makes my colorful heart happy!

Hanford having all the qualities that I look for, it makes it so much easier to shop for my kids and that means, I get to enjoy more time with them and lesser on worrying about them. :) 

Hanford is available in all SM Department Stores. For more information and updates, visit https://www.facebook.com/hanfordph/. J

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