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by - August 26, 2018

All of us wear different hats in life. Often times this leads to us multitasking so many things and we tend to get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. We give so much importance to being busy cos we get pressured in wanting to achieve a lot, whether it be for our career, raising a family or more. We have to break this vicious cycle and give ourselves some love and #MeTime! :)

Personally, as a mom who juggles her family and other passions in life, I honestly need a break once in a while. Whenever I get the chance to get a #MeTime, I feel energized and ready to face anything again! 

Suggesting a few tips below on the many things you can do to recharge and be your beautiful and healthy best! ^_^


Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a professional with a killer schedule, you need to pause and give yourself some TLC! :) Agree??

Watsons takes to heart this self-caring philosophy with the "Make Time for #MeTime" campaign. This campaign inspires everyone to take time to take care of themselves with Watsons' skin, beauty, hair, and health products plus a wide range of cosmetics that are perfect for a relaxing treat at home. 

Was able to listen to a couple of talks during the campaign launch from Verniece + Vern Enciso, Raiza Contawi and Ms. Apples Aberin. :) Each emphasized how important it is to give time for self care cos we deserve and need it! After a busy day, it's nice to reward yourself and this way, you can be better for others as well. :)

Some ways to spend your #MeTime...

1. Pamper your skin - lavish your neglected skin with some love cos skincare is life! Products like Ponds, Olay, Neutrogena, St. Ives, Belo, Celeteque, Mediheal, Snow, and Garnier have all the skin-pampering love to keep your complexion fresh and radiant. 
2. Revitalize your hair - taking a shower for me is already a luxurious treat! a.k.a. an hour inside the shower without any worries haha! >_< Give your strands love from Creamsilk, Palmolive, Lauat Shampoo, Suave, Dove and Moringa!
3. Get Gorgeous - swipe on some lipstick or paint your nails! For sure it will make you feel amazing! 
4. Nourish from within - to be truly beautiful, you need to healthy! simply put! So never forget your vitamins, like Enervon, Poten-cee, MX3 and more!
5. Less stress, more love - when you love yourself, you can love others more! And when you do, you don't only look good, but you also feel great!

Watsons spoiling us! Hazel getting her hair done! Super pretty! :)

Ana and I bonding over skincare at the Watsons event!

Another way I love spending #MeTime is going out with my friends! :) A good coffee date and conversation always perks me up.

Watsons reminded us during this event that #MeTime is not only essential. It is rewarding! 

For more information, visit :)


A brand who believes in pampering and loving your skin is Jergens. They've been in the industry for over 100 years and not only are they a trusted brand in giving hydrated and beautiful skin, but they are also affordable. :)

They recently celebrated beauty and love for all skin tones and we also got to see Jergens' old ads and oldest lotion bottle in the flesh!

This is older than my Lola! >_<

5 Affordable, Easy ways to achieve glowing from Jergens:

1. Exfoliate - do this once a week! This helps clear your skin of dead skin cells, black heads and all the stubborn dirt on your skin. You can easily DIY scrubs with the ingredients in your kitchen or you can buy a loofah or cotton towel instead. :)
2. Use Moisturizing soap - most soaps do a good job of cleaning and washing away dirt, but there are some soaps that also strip the natural oils in your skin. This can leave your skin feeling drier and duller than ever. So look for soaps that moisturize and keep you clean at the same time, like Jergens Mild and Anti-Bacterial Bar Soaps.
3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize - moisturizing is important for the skin! It doesn't just help to keep your skin hydrated, if used after a bath it helps seal the moisture in. The Jergens Body Moisturizers can help keep skin soft, supple, youthful looking, and healthy.
4. Eat Healthy - what you put inside your body will reflect in your skin. Your body absorbs all the nutrients it can in order to function. If you only eat junk food, then your skin won't benefit at all. To achieve glowing and radiant skin, make sure to eat healthy. This isn't restricted to eating more fruit and veggies alone, but you should aim to have a balanced diet. Not only will your body thank you, your skin will too. 
5. Stay Positive - You will be amazed at how much your mental disposition can affect your mood and even the way you look. Thinking positive thoughts will not only make you feel good about yourself, you will radiate positive energy all around you. This makes you look glowing, happy, and healthy.

Giving time to pamper yourself need not be expensive or tedious! It can be as simple as applying your favorite Jergens lotion. :)   

For more information, visit :)


As a mom, I think that it's great to bond with fellow moms once in a while. Just a few days ago, I was able to do so at the Mod Moms workshop. :)

Before the event started, we were asked by fellow mom blogger and our Mod Moms host, Michelle Aventajado, what are our tips to keep sane as a mom? Majority of us answered self-care and to give ourselves a much needed break when we need it.

Most of the time, as parents, we forget our needs cos we know our family need us. But truly, we can't be much service or help to them if we're too exhausted. It can lead to irritability or even depression. So, it's always helpful when we get the chance to have time to do what we want, like have a good massage, read a book or even blog! Notice that when we get even just an hour or two of this, it makes us feel so amazing and we can be super mommas again! :)

We had a yummy lunch too care of Aruga Café by Mesclun! :)

Speaking of Me-Time for mommas, it's also nice to keep productive! That afternoon, we learned about essential oils and their health benefits from Amara Oils.

Some of my fellow moms also learned how to concoct their own essential oils. :) Sad that I missed this part! You can learn more about Amara Oils here: :)

The place was beautifully styled by TEA a.k.a. The Event Architects. :)

My son Asher really enjoyed this cute space! The kids were also given cute bento meals from Mesclun Kids! :) If ever you're having a party, they cater Recess Party Bentos

You can check them out here: :)


"Skincare first, make-up second because if you have good skin then you don't have to put on so much makeup. It helps you save time and money." - Sarah Lahbati

Ever since the Korean skincare routine dawned upon us, majority of us got so obsessed with achieving that glass skin look and sometimes it takes 10 or even 12 steps to achieve this! Insane, right? Haha! >_< If you are like me who finds this too tedious cos you have a million things to do, but still want to have radiant and healthy skin, Sarah Lahbati shared with us her beauty secret in achieving this trendy glass skin look by just using 3 products from Cetaphil! :)

The following products she used to achieve that glass skin look of her model:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - it's always important to have a clean face before applying anything on it.
2. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion - lightweight and perfect for everyday use! Keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated. 
3. Cetaphil Sun - never neglect the importance of SPF! Even if you don't apply makeup, always make sure to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB! Without it, your skin can easily age faster and cause skin damage.

After topping all these 3, you can apply some highlights, minimal concealer for under your eyes, lip tints and you're ready to go. :) That's it! Glass skin at it's easiest!

Amazing, right? Won't even take you 30 minutes to do this! :) 

For updates and more information, visit: :)

Learned so much from others about how they achieve or spend their ME-TIME. :) Glad I'm not alone when it comes to giving importance to it. Because, honestly, spending time on self-care really helps rejuvenate me. I can be a better mom when I give myself love. :) I have more energy and I can perform all my duties well!

I hope you, guys also never forget to give yourself a much deserved break when you need it. Don't hesitate to ask for it from your family or friends. You will thank yourself for it! :) Health is wealth!

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