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by - September 13, 2018

Back when I was still in high school, I did plenty of sports, like your typical Physical Education, tennis and cheer leading. But sadly when I got to college, I had a drastic change in lifestyle cos I had babies and needed to juggle school. I no longer had time for other extracurricular activities. But of course, I still tried my best to stay fit by walking as much as I could and I eat right. I, at least owe that to my health! 

As the years progressed, I could see different people also having a change in their lifestyle and have gotten more concerned with monitoring their health and one of the ways that I saw people doing this was through a fitness band. I thought at first that only people who did extreme sports or who are into working out are the only ones who had use for this - totally wrong! Even someone like me who just wants to track their heart rate, steps, food/water intake, sleep and more can also use it. :)

A few months ago, I got my first ever Fitbit Alta HR and I wanna share my overall experience!

A little background on the Fitbit Alta HR, it's the world's slimmest wrist-based, continuous heart rate tracking device combining the benefits of PurePulse® heart rate technology, automatic exercise recognition, sleep tracking, battery life of up to 7 days and smart notifications in a slim, versatile design that is easily customized to fit your style. 

I previously had an experience with a fitness watch before (Apple watch) and honestly, it frustrated me cos it easily ran out of battery even when I wasn't using it. :( I would charge it every single day and I just found it too tedious for my life. Needless to say, I had to get rid of it. So, when I tried the Fitbit Alta HR, I was really impressed with the battery life. I can use it the whole day and the battery would still be good the next day. Less worries for me. :)

Setting up was no problem for me. It was quite easy connecting via Bluetooth and as you can see below, you would need a Fitbit App for the band to work and it's compatible with Apple, Android and Microsoft users.

Design wise, the Fitbit Alta HR is very sleek and the band is interchangeable, so you can tailor it to fit any occasion. :) Thinking of getting a lavender accessory band soon!

So, what are the amazing features of the Fitbit Alta HR


Whether you're just walking or working out, you can continuously and automatically track your heart rate thanks to Fitbit's PurePulse® optical heart rate technology. You can log in your food intake, weight and different exercises via the app and check calories burned, current heart rate and resting heart rate. These things are important cos you can compare how many calories you're taking in vs. how many calories you're burning each day. It can help you set weight goals. Plus, you can compare what activities you do and the effects on your heart rate over time.


When you go to bed with your device on your wrist, you can get automatic estimate of the time you spent in light, deep and REM (rapid eye movements) sleep stages, as well as time awake. Through this you can better understand your sleep quality. We all know how getting enough sleep greatly affects our performance on a daily basis and of course our overall health. Without good sleep, your body can easily get sick and give-up. So, if you're like me who neglects this at times, lets make a change! >_< The Fitbit Alta HR can help you with setting a sleep schedule and it can even wake you up in calmer way compared to our typical notorious phone alarms through a silent alarm that will wake you up with a quiet vibration. :) 

Every time I have my Fitbit on, I have this urge or motivation to be more active. The screen caps above are some of my little 'achievements' when I started wearing it. BTW, it also gives you badges when you accomplish certain goals! How cool, right? :) Whenever I don't move for a LONG time, my Fitbit also vibrates and reminds me to MOVE IT haha! And yes, also tracks my period. >_< Sorry for the TMI!


For my friends who love working out, running, elliptical, biking and more, you'd be happy to know that the Fitbit Alta HR has Auto Exercise Recognition and can recognize activities with continuous or high movement and then logs them to your dashboard.

Of course, one of the main reasons why I also love using my Fitbit is that it serves as my watch! :)

See the flower blooming too? When I first wear the band, it starts out as this little bud. But when I walk long enough, it blooms into a pretty flower! Cute, right? :) I can also customize the clock faces!


Another feature that made me fall in love with the Fitbit Alta HR is that it actually alerts me whenever I have a call. I normally have my phone in the bag, so there are incidents that I don't hear it and I end up getting numerous missed calls. >_< But whenever I have this on, I get alerted immediately! :) It also works on texts and calendar!

Like I mentioned above, having a Fitbit Alta HR is not just for people who are into hardcore workout or sports, but also for people who want to stay motivated, on track with their overall health and connected with your friends who are also into Fitbit! ^_^

Fitbit Alta HR is now available for Php 8,940 | Special Edition Alta HR - Php 9,690 | Classic fitness bands - Php 1,448 | Luxe Leather bands - Php 3,380 | Luxe Metal bracelet - Php 4,950 in Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, select Toby's stores, iBOOK, iCENTER, Mobile 1, Globe, Gadgets in Style, Hivemind, Lazada, Zalora, Timeline, The Inbox Store, iLiberty and Rnnr Stores

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