6 ways to show your teacher appreciation.♥

by - October 30, 2018

Being a teacher has got to be one of the hardest but most fulfilling job that anyone can have. They are our second parents once we leave our homes and they dedicate each day to our learning without expecting anything in return. I personally had my share of this experience when I taught at an all-girls school for three years. It may have its challenges, but being able to see how you touched the lives of your students or form a bond with them is truly rewarding.

Aside from teaching myself, I’m also very thankful and grateful to all the teachers I had during my years in school. They not only guided me academically but in my personal life as well.

This October is Teacher’s month. The perfect time to show our teachers how extra special they are to us, and how much we appreciate them.  Below is a list of things to show your teachers your love.

1.    Write a letter and let them know the impact they’ve made in your life or even your favorite memory in class. This can be a great keepsake for them.
2.    Volunteer to help out in class or after – let them know you’re willing to help. You can do simple tasks, like straightening up the classroom or help them in organizing.
3.    Remember them during special occasions such as Christmas and their birthdays. You can get them a special or personalized gift to show your appreciation.
4.    Praise your teacher every now and then to let them know the amazing job that they’re doing. Even if they’re exhausted, this will surely perk them up.
5.    Give them their favorite snack to let them know you thought about them.
6.    Be a good student and person. Nothing makes a teacher feel valued than students who love to learn and see you successful.

A teacher’s job goes beyond the classroom. Just like Solane Gas that we can rely on and trust all the time, our teachers continuously ignite the flame of our learning. They not only teach us daily, but they also act as our mentors and counselors. No matter how many students go through their lives, they will always try to impart knowledge to each one and leave us with valuable lessons in life.

It’s a lovely feeling to be appreciated and through the list above, may we continue to share the love and let them see the gratitude that we have for their hard work.  :)

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

- Henry Brooks Adams

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