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by - October 29, 2018

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year and it's also the time when we plan so many activities or events with our family. I personally love spending time with my family and would always like to have hassle and worry-free dates with them. :)

My family and I love visiting interesting tourist spots here in Metro Manila during weekends and as much as possible, we want it to be fun and educational for the boys. Just two weeks ago, we took our son Asher to Manila Ocean Park with the help of

Conveniently located behind the Quirino Grandstand along the Rizal Park, you will easily find Manila Ocean Park. We've been here quite a few times already, but they often have something new, so it's still as exciting for the kids. Especially when they get to see the sea creatures up close. :)

Typically, weekends are crowded days and when we went on a Sunday, we even had students on a field trip to mingle with. But good thing we didn't need to line up anymore thanks to our booking! All we had to do was go to the Reservation office and got our passes. ^_^ Perfect for when you have an impatient kiddo who already wants to pull you to see the fishies!

Imagine this nearing Christmas season or New Year! Wow! Be sure took book ahead! TravelBook actually makes it easier with their BOOK NOW, GO LATER option - CLICK HERE! You can even get better deals and discounts. ;)

For our trip, we had the Marine Voyage Package which includes the following attractions: Oceanarium, Symphony Evening Show, The Barnyard, The Birdhouse, Super Toy Collection, Sea Lion Show, All Star Bird Show, Penguin Talkshow, Back of the House, Fish Spa, World of Creepy Crawlies, Birds of Prey Kingdom, Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit & Christmas Village), and Neon Rides

It's a packed one, so you can go as early as 10:00AM to be able to cover all attractions!

Sadly for this visit we didn't have my eldest son Athan with us cos he was recovering from a really bad cough. :( We missed him a lot and knew this would have been a better trip with him around.

Our ultimate favorite part of MOP is the Oceanarium! So many variety of sea creatures and Asher particularly enjoyed spotting all the sting rays! ^_^ As early as now we want him to value each living creature and to understand how to take care of marine life. This is also a great way to teach your kids!

Other things we loved during our visit was the Super Toy Collection area that had cool Superman theme and even a giant ball pit!

It's really important to have time for family bonding. It's a way for your kids to grow happy, optimistic and healthy cos they will always have that sense of security and confidence in them. No matter how busy you are, ALWAYS make time. :)

We had an amazing time during our visit at Manila Ocean Park and can't thank TravelBook enough for making it easy breezy for us even the holiday season! ^_^

If you need to book hotels and tourist spots here in the Philippines, go to to find the best prices guarantee and check up on their amazing deals this holiday season:! Perfect time to book your staycations!

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