Halloween 2018 - Netflix Style

by - October 28, 2018

Only three more days till Halloween but I can already see a lot of people and kiddos celebrating it this weekend. I always love seeing people dress up in their cool or scary costumes this time of the month. I personally don't go all out on myself during Halloween, but I definitely enjoy dressing my boys up! ^_^ I'm sure fellow mommas would agree with me that the kids are super fun to dress up!

I remember getting asked by my husband the other day on what theme would be good for their office Halloween party? The first thing that popped on my mind was, of course Netflix related! So, I thought why not come up with a post suggesting Netflix shows that are perfect this Halloween and maybe you can even get an idea or two for your costume and party! :)

There are so many shows on Netflix that are actually perfect to mimic for Halloween. The list can go on for me. But I want to list down some of the recent ones that I've been watching. :)


Just last October 17, Netflix threw a scary good party to launch the premier of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was one for the books and I got so excited to take photos in every nook and cranny of the place and even if my Instagram feed is all about pastels, I broke it for these photos! ^_^ Too cool not to post! We also got to watch the first episode of season 1 and that got me hyped up for October 26!

Finally come October 26, all episodes are now on Netflix and let me just tell you, this isn't the Sabrina Spellman that you grew up with. It has a dark theme to it and from what I've seen, they'll be relating or mixing Riverdale into it. BTW, I finished ALL episodes already in just two days! Certified binge watcher here! >_< haha! I loved it! Cannot wait for S2 now! You, guys should start watching it if you still haven't. :)

As for the costume, red coat, blonde wig and black headband and you're all ready to go! ;)


I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to horror flicks. I'm not the type to watch it alone or even at night. But for some reason, I watched Haunting of Hill House all on my own and I liked it! It's all about a family of 7 and a house they're renovating and turns out bad cos of the house's mystery. Yes, it had some scary bits, but I was able to tolerate them and couldn't wait to go on from one episode to the next. Every episode is a cliff hanger, so you eventually want to move on so you find out what's really up! Again, binge watcher in me already finished 10 episodes in just 3 days haha! >_< Cannot help it!

This is a reimagined version of Shirley Jackson's 1959 gothic novel, in case you didn't know. :)


Ashley, me and Ana at the 2017 APCC Netflix booth :)

Yes, I know Stranger Things Season 3 won't be coming any time soon this year, but you can't deny that it will be fun rewatching this again for Halloween! I'm sure majority has already seen this series and if you still haven't, WHY?? My kids love this too! I mean, who wouldn't be scared of the Demogorgon and being taken into the dark and damp upside down. :-/

When my husband asked me what theme his office should have for Halloween, this was the theme on top of my mind - Stranger Things! The 1980s era is cool, the clothes are practically easy to find, given that fashion nowadays is ever changing, and it's so easy to craft the decors!


Another series that I've been waiting for since August is finally streaming on Netflix again! Season 2 of Castlevania is here! :) If you haven't seen S1, you have a lot of catching up to do! Even if I'm not big on anime, I really enjoyed this show.

Originally a computer game before, it's now made into a series! Since I'm done with Sabrina, I can now move on to this. :)


With my faves Paul and Ana :)

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Halloween party at a diner? Again, it's so easy to recreate costumes for Riverdale since its era would be around the 1970s or 50s. Just head to Forever 21 or even Uniqlo and you can achieve the look! Plus, you can always go to The Filling Station in Makati for a Halloween get-together with your friends!

River dale S3 has made its way to Netflix and again, you can get hints of Sabrina just by watching S3E1! So many things are already happening with E3 alone and I wonder where it's going to go!


When I first saw this, I thought it was your typical baking show, but it actually isn't! Yes, there's baking involved, but it has a story line to it. Only with 6 episodes for S1, I can't help watch all the yummy creations of Christine and the cool spins she puts into them. :) Creepy never looked this cute!

Can I also just point out that she has a cute spin to goth? ^_^ You'll see if you watch her show! Oh and Dita Von Teese is in it too!


Last, but not the least of course, are shows that your kids would love and can even copy for Halloween! :) 

This year, what could be better than dressing up my boys in something that they really are already - BROTHERS! Thank you to our Netflix Stream Team Family for dressing them up this 2018!

The first time we ever watched Boss Baby was the movie. It's about a 7-year old boy Tim and an unexpected arrival of a new baby that is actually a spy from Baby Corp. :) It's cute!

The Boss Baby is back in Business with a series on Netflix

Your kids can also go as characters from Super Monster and The Larva! ^_^ That would be so adorable for sure!

That's my Halloween 2018 list for you, guys! Hope you liked it! Can't wait to see all the costumes!

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