A peek inside GetFiled's 2019 Keepsake Planner.♥

by - November 05, 2018

I'm a planner girl. Always have been and always will be. I recently tried to rely on technology a.k.a. my phone for my schedules and that really didn't work out for me. All the more did I forget things and I just felt so unorganized. :( So, now I know better that I am the type who needs to jot down and not type when it comes to being reminded. >_<

Recently, I attended the launch of GetFiled's 2019 Planners at Flossom Kitchen + Café and got first dibs on their cute new #GlistenUp collection! Timely that I still don't have a planner for next year! ^_^

I absolutely love stationery related events and the GetFiled gathering was one for the books. We had yummy food, Instagram-worthy place and cute planners. :) We even got to meet the artists that worked on the Keepsake and Scribble Planner.

Filed always comes up with cute planners yearly, but this one has got to be my favorite!

The Scribbler 2019 Planner comes in an abstract design, 100GSM Cream paper, hardbound cover with gold foil embossing. This is perfect for students who need dated and detailed monthly/weekly spreads for all their schedules and reminders. Best part of getting this one is you also get a FREE Agenda Clutch with it. :)

As for me, I am someone who can't really keep up with dated planners nowadays. Though back in college, this was a huge necessity for me. Now, I'm more into undated ones and luckily, the Keepsake 2019 Planner is just what I need!

The Keepsake comes in a two-toned leatherette cover, 100GSM premium white paper and 6-ring binder. It has four colors for your choosing: Beige, Mint Green, Pink and Black. :)

The great thing about undated planners like this is that you can start any time you want. I don't have to be pressured into filling up at certain dates or getting OC at spreads that I wasn't able to fill up after the month ended. It's all up to me!

I love the monthly abstract dividers by Ivy Lalu. It's my favorite form of art, so it was no question why I loved this design.♥  It also has activities, like...

  ♥ 12 months of minimalism - you can jot down challenges you have for yourself for that month - ex. declutter
♥ Overcoming Overwhelm - when things get overwhelming, you can use this sheet to help overcome those kinds of days
 ♥Progress Tracker - write your monthly challenges and see your progress!

When you purchase this planner, you get a FREE Agenda Wrapper!

So far, both planners are already SOLD OUT for Pre-order on the GetFiled site. But great news!

FILED will officially be launching these planners at Fully Booked! :) Head to Fully Booked, BGC on November 10 (11:00AM-9:00PM) and get a FREE nickname monogram on your 2019 planner! ^_^ Also, November 11 at FullyBooked UP Town Center!

Don't miss out! This will be the last time they'll offer the FREE nickname monogram! Best to avail! It looks extra pretty on your planner!♥

For more information, visit:


Artsy Ava

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  1. So nice, ang ganda po ng mga planners :) I love collecting planners even though sometimes I don't use it to write my plans for the whole year. Haha I end up using it to write something else or for my notes. Haha.


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