Korea Summer Day 2: Everland | Met a giraffe up close! | Kdrama location!

by - November 04, 2018

Every time I would make an itinerary for our trip, I try to insert amusement parks to it cos I want to see how different each one is from every country. In the past, I've been to Disneyland and Universal Studios, so I wanted to visit one in Seoul! So, Everland it was for Day 2!

From our station Hoehyeon (this is near Myeongdong), we had 3 line changes before we got to our destination. You will stop at Giheung Station, as seen in my route planner and transfer to the EverLine train to get to Jeondae- Everland station. :)

 This is the train that you will ride to get to the bus stop that will officially take you to Everland. :) This will also be the same route for you going back after your day at the theme park!

You will see this once you get down the train station and here you will wait for the shuttle!

Everland is known to be the largest theme park in South Korea and was even ranked as the 16th in the world for park attendance last 2014. :) There are so many things that you can do here, like rides, eat, shop, take lots of Instagram-worthy photos and there's even a zoo inside! ^_^

Entrance fee for day pass is KRW 54,000 = Php 2,567.

My mom and I arrived here around 1:00PM, so we were pretty hungry already and opted to eat first before exploring the place. :)

Like I mentioned in my past entry, I went to every LINE FRIENDS store that I saw in Seoul! I definitely didn't spare this one inside Everland! Haha! 


The European Adventure attraction was totally dreamy! They had so many flowers and cool architecture. :) Truly made me feel like I was in Holland for a minute! ^_^ This was during summer time. I can imagine how even more beautiful it's looking now in autumn/winter!

Of course, wouldn't miss out on the fact that the Korean Drama 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' was shot here! :) Sana ako na lang yung girl! >_< haha!


The Zootopia attraction was undoubtedly my favorite part of the theme park cos I got to see and touch a giraffe up close! ^_^ It's such a beautiful creature and my mom even indulged me in riding the amphibious van twice, just so I can get a nice photo with them.  I really love how Everland keeps their zoo well sanitized and the animals look healthy and happy!

There are so many more animals that you can spot here! If you want an amusement park with rides and a zoo, this is definitely worth your money. :)

Mom and I also went for the cable ride to get to the American Adventure side of Everland. :)


We ended our night by having dinner at the American Adventure side of Everland, which was actually a KFC! :) It's pretty cool here with the 1950s theme going on. ^_^ 

Everland at night.

That ends our Day 2! Day 3 was super packed! :) Will be blogging that next!

For now, here are my other travel posts: https://www.artsyfartsyava.com/search/label/travel 

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  1. Sobrang nakakatuwa naman po, everytime na binabasa ko po mga blogs mo feeling ko kasama ako :D haha! Dream ko po talaga ang south korea, that's why me and my sisters are for it. One day! :) When that time comes, babalikan ko po tong mga blogs niyo about korea and list all the tips at mga pasyalan. Same with Ms. Ana's vlogs. Hehe. You both inspire me a lot po :) I already bookmarked the first one here in my laptop. Hehe. God bless you po always as well as your family :) Will be waiting for all the next blogs :)

  2. And idagdag ko lang po hehe. That I never got bored whenever I read your blogs 'cause its very detail and appealing to the eye. Sobrang sarap din po kasi tignan ng mga photos 'cause its colorful :) Plus your outfits. Hihi.

    1. Super super thank you for taking the time to read, Antonette! ^_^ Hope someday this can be helpful to you!

  3. Wow! Thanks for this! This makes me wanna visit Korea again in summer. I went there last year in spring. These pictures don't do justice to Seoul's beautiful scenery. Here's my Seoul blog post. I hope you can drop by my blog too. <3 https://nymphasanti.weebly.com/travel/spring-seoul


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