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by - December 14, 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and I can seriously feel the holiday rush. I'm still in denial that Christmas is just 12 days away cos I still haven't done much gift shopping and there are so many work to be done before this year ends - it's crazy! >_<

But as someone who is always into positivity! I'll be sharing some tips to make the holidays easier for you and a few of Christmas gift suggestions that might interest you! :)

The holiday season can be overwhelming for anyone with all the preparations that have to be made, the many people you have to mingle with day in and day out and of course, the stress that work brings before we all officially go on our merry break. So, if ever you feel that someone in your family or even your friend has a lot on their plate and needs a break, why not give them the gift of relaxation? A little quiet me- time. ;)

I recently tried out the Saltwater Float Center at The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas and it's actually the first time I ever heard of this sensory deprivation pods. I was first scared of the idea that I would have total silence in the room or being inside an enclosed space. But turns out, you have the option of leaving the pod open if you're the claustrophobic type. :) You also have control of the lights, so it's really all to your preference and for the record, I do not know how to float to save my life! That is a fact. So, if you're also scared about drowning, you won't! The salt inside the water actually makes you float even if you don't know how. :)

The recommended time for you to stay in the pod is 2 hours and all you do is float! Doing this float therapy can help in relaxing both mind and body. Other benefits are: soothe chronic pain from arthritis, back and neck pain, inflammation & tendonitis, improve circulation & reduce blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

One of the known personalities who love float therapy is actually Stephen Curry! :)

Saltwater Float Center is already offering gift certificates on their Instagram! Perfect for gift-giving!

For more information, visit: :)

We all tend to get extremely busy during this time of the month and for us mommas, something as simple as meal time can be difficult. To make it a little easier and something that you don't have to think of anymore, why not try DIY recipe kits from FLOUR PLAN? :)

Flour Plan is a delivery service that caters to people who want hassle-free dining experience and they give this through their DIY recipe kits! :) You still cook the meals, of course, but the great thing about this is, you no longer have to ponder what to prepare for dinner/lunch! Especially this Christmas! You can try something different. ;)

I recently got to try it myself and got the Skillet Sausage n' Rice! I was surprised that there were only a few ingredients in the box but I was able to create a meal that my whole family can eat! :) Though, I think I overdid the water on my rice haha! My bad! It kinda became risotto-looking, which still turned out good! ^_^

The beauty of this is, you can choose recipes, order it and it will be delivered to your doorstep! That simple! Prices vary depending on serving and how many recipes you would want. 

If you wanna try it too, visit :)

Do you have friends who are all about lessening waste or want to abide the zero-waste life? Why not try giving them products that actually fits their lifestyle! We know that Lush Cosmetics is trying their very best to limit their packaging consumption and actually have naked products a.k.a. unpackaged ones in the store, like shampoo bars, naked body conditioners and more.

I recently went to their Christmas launch and saw a lot of their cute new products!

What I love about Lush is they not only think about profits or putting out the cutest products, but they also care for the environment. They make sure to provide products that benefit us and doesn't harm marine life. :) I hope we can all try to live by the rules of Lush too!

I also got to meet the amazing co-founder of Lush, Rowena Bird! She's so inspiring that she makes me want to live zero-waste or at least try my hardest! :)

Lush also offers gift wrapping through their knot-wraps! With this kind of wrapping, you save on paper wrappers and the person you'll be gift-ing can use the fabric again as a wrapper too or a scarf! They have the cutest designs to choose from, as seen above!

With these kinds of gifts, you not only make your loved ones smile, but mother earth too!

For more updates, visit: :)

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. And while the festive spirit brings out the best in us, the stress of preparing for all those family gatherings can also bring out our worst. We want to pull out all the stops to make the yuletide season more special, but we don't always have the luxury of time to prepare the Noche Buena spreads we want our family and friends to enjoy.

Our food flatlay masterpiece during the event! :)

Now, you don't have to worry about beating the holiday rush in order to make those dishes that everyone has been itching to taste all year long, because honestbee can do it for you!

honestbee has recently added a new partner for premium grocery shopping - The Marketplace! With their wide selection of local and international products, including fresh produce, deli items, and exclusive wine and spirits delivered straight to your doorstep, you can now take your Christmas gatherings to a whole new level!

This is a saver too since traffic is getting worst by the day! We all need a break from that and just focus on what's important! :)

For more information or delivery, visit :)

Nothing makes Christmas more exciting than getting your kids the perfect gift and seeing the big smiles on their faces. Yes, of course the true meaning of Christmas isn't about material gifts, but as moms/parents, it cannot be helped to look for the best gift! :)

I remember growing up, one of the things on my wish list was to have those light shoes, so I can be one of the cool kids during P.E. class. Luckily, my mom always did indulge me when it came to shoes ! Unfortunately, lights aren't forever when you stomp non-stop! >_< But now! Skechers Kids has brought light shoes to a whole new level!

Aside from the usual gifts like toys, why not get your kids something fun and at the same time expressing your love for them? Cool and comfy kicks from Skechers Kids Holiday 2018 are like toys for their feet! :)

These luminous kicks are ready for casuals, holiday dresses, or party-ready slacks and polos! Personally, my son Asher doesn't want to take off his Energy Lights sneakers! >_< He wears them to school every single day now and best part, I don't have to worry about these running out of batteries like his old one (different brand) cos they're RECHARGEABLE! Yes, you saw it right! These sneakers have different light modes, 6 hours continuous light, fully rechargeable with an on/off switch! Very hi-tech and so worth it to buy! ^_^

These can go from cook kicks by day, luminous lights by night! What matters too is that they provide all-day comfort!

For more information, visit or :)

There's nothing like hanging out with your best friends during the holidays and even if we all have different schedules, we make sure to at least make for our annual Christmas party!

For our party this year, we decided to stay at Zen Rooms Global at The Gramercy Residences and go potluck with our food. :) We had so much fun laughing, eating and being in each others company!

If you're also gonna have Christmas parties, you should go BIG! Big Guys Pizza that is! :) This 36-inch pizza is a sure way to feed everyone and a great conversation-starter at parties too!

You can order at or at Food Panda, Honestbee and Eatigo!

When I had my first job, I remember buying my grandmother a new phone cos her old one was so worn out. But since my job then didn't really pay that much, I had to pick out an inexpensive yet good quality phone. Before that was a bit of a challenge, but now, you have the Realme C1!

The Realme C1 recently launched on Lazada for Php 5, 490 and I heard they actually sold out during the flash sale. The sale only lasted one day and now it's back to its original Php 5,990 price.

For an entry level phone, this has really nice features and specs!

~ 6.2" Notch full screen
~ Long-lasting battery 4230mAh
~AI dual camera
~AI facial unlock
~Snapdragon octa-core CPU

I've been using mine for a week now and really loving it as my second phone. :)

If you're on the lookout for a new phone for yourself or a gift for your loved one, head on to SM North EDSA on December 16 cos Realme will be available at MemoXpress and there they'll have their first in-store flash sale! 

From 10:00AM to 12:00NN customers who purchase Realme C1 in-store will enjoy a special price tag of Php 5,490 and the first 200 customers to purchase the C1 will get to pick a prize, either a Bluetooth speaker worth Php 590 or a Realme community t-shirt worth Php 500 and a MemoXpress e-voucher worth Php 100!

A total of Php 1,190 of freebies and discounts per customer will be given away!

Don't miss out on this! Save the date! :)

For more updates, visit :)

We have an upcoming Bloggers United bazaar this December 15 at the World Trade Center! If you're looking for great finds at discounted prices, you should drop by! ^_^

That's it! Hoping the holiday rush isn't getting to you, guys too much! Hope this list also somewhat helps you! ^_^

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