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by - December 06, 2018

Being the practical mom that I am, I would rather get everything that I need or want in one place if I could because it's a whole lot easier and convenient. Similarly with my kids, I always hope that I can find a place for them that mixes both learning and playing. Just like the newly opened store in BGC - Kids Ink! :)

Last November 15, Kids Ink opened its first branch at the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street and they offer a curated selection of educational toys and games that bring together well-loved traditional designs and innovative new concepts to cater to kids who are growing up in a digital world. The store is also a reliable partner for parents who seek to nurture the creative and imaginative spirit of their kids.

The moment I actually stepped inside the store, I already fell in love. I knew as a mom that this is the kind of store that I would love to take my kids too and I don't mind if we stayed here the whole day. It's a good place to inspire them to enjoy different activities and discover new things.

Aside from educational toys, Kids Ink also showcases children's books, art supplies, and party items.

The selection includes international brands such as LEGO, Disney, Peanuts, Oribel, Avenue Mandarine, Kid Made Modern, Crocodile Creek, Think Doh, Akar Toys, and more.

It's a store that carries everything you might want and need for your children. :) I'm not a kid, but I was definitely amazed with the contents of the store!

The newly-opened location features a free space where kids can play, get creative, or read books. It will also serve as the venue of various children's workshops and events.

During the opening day, they had a slime workshop by Elmer's Glue. :) The kids were so into it!

I remember staying so long inside the store and I just kept going around and wanting to get so many things for my boys. I think I lasted almost 4 hours there? >_< I was that hooked! But given that time, I wanna share some of the things that caught my fancy. :)

1 - super cute unicorn headband that would be perfect for Halloween or any costume parties! | 2 - this adorable rocket pen that my eldest son Athan would surely love! | 3 - adorable washi tapes that have shiny details!

4 - the cutest Pusheen coloring book! You can bring this anywhere cos it's so small! | 5 - Elmer's Slime kit starter! If your kids are obsessed with slime-making, time to get them this kit!

Other things that I loved about the store...

The books are already arranged by AGE! This is a huge saver for me cos there are times that I honestly don't know which books would suit my kids age or my god children or what might interest them at the moment. With this, it's much clearer and helpful!

Party planning couldn't get any cuter with these! How I wish I also had a daughter so we could create a party theme out of these! Hihihi!

To celebrate the opening, get a FREEBIE with every single transaction at Kids Ink until December 31, 2018! So, do visit them to avail this! ^_^

I'm really glad that we have a store like Kids Ink. A one-stop shop for all our kids' needs!

To get updated with the latest or to know more about the store, follow Kids Ink on social media: www.facebook.com/KidsInkPH and www.instagram.com/kids.ink or Sign up for the newsletter on www.kidsink.ph. :)

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  1. The kids creative wall ❤😍 i love this place na 😍 Good thing malapit lang . Pag nanay ka super appreciate tlgamga ganito and the cute bags too ❤


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