AirAsia: From Farm to Air - New menu!

by - January 28, 2019

If you're a frequent traveler, flying comfortably and enjoying the plane's offerings might be one of your guilty pleasures cos honestly it is mine. ^_^ I love inflight entertainment and look forward to the meals that will be served during my hours on the plane.

A few weeks back, I was invited my AirAsia to check out their latest offerings on their Santan Menu. :) 

The event was held at Tagaytay and first thing on our things to do was go on a farm tour and at first I didn't know why we needed to go to the farm. But turns out, AirAsia has elevated their commitment to their passengers even more by doing a farm-to-air dining experience. :) By that it means, they will be offering a variety of healthier inflight meals to passengers using fresh harvests and ingredients sourced from farmers across the country. Through this, they not only promote healthy eating but help out Filipino farmers as well. :)

Mind you, the farm where they source the veggies is really vast and everything is fresh! They also get from the farm where the brand Salad Time veggies are also grown!

Everything is fresh and no pesticides are involved in the process. My blogger friends were even able to pick out some planted arugula and eat it on the spot! Farm fresh, indeed! ^_^

We really enjoyed checking out what the farm had to offer cos you can see how everything was being prepared and how it looked before being packed away. :)

After our fun farm tour, we went to Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay to try out the new offerings ourselves. :) BTW, in partnership with Discovery Country Suites, AirAsia will be offering Chipotle Chicken Wrap (Php 100) and Caesar Salad (Php 120) on all AirAsia flight Z2 code to and from the Philippines.

Cute drink, right? :) You can enjoy this too inflight! Sunset Bursts, a two-layered strawberry and lychee drink with coconut jelly sinkers comes in 16oz cup at Php 120.

*Chicken Teriyaki, Korean Beef Stew with Kimchi Fried Rice and  Roasted Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce*

Fresh and new items in the Santan Menu are California Crab Onigiri, Korean Beef Stew with Kimchi Rice, Cheesy Pesto and Tomato Bun, and an array of sweets such as Brazo de Mercedes, Cookies and Cream parfait and Butterscotch bars for as low as Php 70.

Was happy to know that they actually offered vegetarian options through their Bibimbap! :)

"We value our customer happiness from all points of the journey, from the purchase of the ticket to leaving the airport, on board, and onto the destination. " - Captain Dexter Comendador ( AirAsia PH CEO)

All AirAsia guests are recommended to pre-book their meals to save up to 20% as compared to purchasing their meals on board, with a guarantee that their preferred meals are available during their flights. You can easily add this option via 'Manage My Booking' option after logging in to :)

The Hubby and I actually took AirAsia during our trip to Taiwan. Hopefully on our next travel we can try out the Santan Menu offerings! ^_^

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