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by - January 24, 2019

It's wedding season once again and with great friendships also comes weddings! Especially when you're at the age when your friends are at their mid 20s to 30s, you will surely have a wedding or more to attend. But with that also comes the task of finding the dress to wear to such a beautiful occasion. We, too, want to look pretty on the said date since that's one of the few times we get all dressy - of course keeping in mind not to outshine the bride. >_<

Just last year alone, my husband was invited to 3 weddings of his friends and 1 on my side this January, so a total of 4. For a guy, it's not much of a worry since they're always in a suit or barong. But for the ladies, well, that's more of a challenge cos I personally don't want to be seen in the same dress in just a span of a month or weeks. I love classic pieces, don't get me wrong. But weddings also comes photo-ops and it would be awkward to be wearing the same outfit to wedding A in October and wedding B in November, am I right? >_<

Fortunately, I've slowly mastered the art of budgeting when it comes to these occasions and want to share with you, guys my shopping finds that won't hurt your pockets/savings in case you'll be going through the same thing. :)

One thing I've learned through this is that if you look hard enough, you'll find what you're looking for and luckily with all the online browsing I've done, I did find some! Also, a beautiful dress doesn't even have to cost you beyond Php 3,000 or even Php 1,000! Yes, you heard that right! Sharing with you dresses that you can wear to weddings or formal occasions that won't go above Php 3,000!

The first wedding we attended last year got me really searching on what to wear since my son Athan was going to be a ring bearer and my husband a groom's man, so I somehow wanted to look nice. After much searching, I found this dress on Shopee. :)

Yes! This is from Shopee! At first I was hesitant on ordering cos my body can be tricky. I'm thin, so tendency, it can either look lousy on me or i'll end up like a hanger. >_< haha! I took my chance on this and glad I did! The fabric is neoprene and flexible, so it kind of follows the form of your body.

I got this dress from https://shopee.ph/dress2impress.  

Best part, this dress was only Php 550 when I got it and since I only used it once, I was also even able to sell it online! So, return of investment. ;)

The photo above was a wedding we attended in September 2018. Come October, we had another one. So, had to find another dress and turned to Dress2Impress on Shopee again for this one! ^_^

This asymmetric dress wrap is really pretty. You can tie the knot in front or at the back. I got this for only Php 600. :) So in total, I only spent less than Php 1,500 for both dresses including shipping already. :)

They have a lot of nice neoprene dresses at affordable prices and promise you won't regret it! They also have made to order in case they don't carry your size on their on-hand stocks. :)

Next up was a wedding in December. This one was a bit tricky for me since I had an event to attend in the afternoon and a wedding reception at night. I wanted a dress I could wear to both. Again, scouted hard and found this dress from Made in 63 for only Php 350! :) 

It was perfect for both my day-time event and the wedding reception. :) I kept this in my closet cos its something that I can also use for malling or casual days!

Last but not the least, the first wedding we had this year and something that I really spent on cos it was the wedding of my college best friend and Asher was the bible bearer. :) 

Found this dress at the Fashion Forum at SM Makati and it was love at first sight. It was Php 2,999 - the most that i've spent on a dress, but I find it to be timeless/classic and surely something I would wear again cos I really like the silk fabric and how this dress has POCKETS! Yes, that was the ultimate winner for me haha. It's rare that I find formal dresses with pockets, so definitely knew I had to have it. :) Thankfully it fit nicely too!

Fashion Forum has a lot of nice formal dresses and they're even arranged into color, so you won't find it difficult to lookout for that perfect dress. :) To be honest, some dresses there are expensive, but they also have nice affordable ones like what I found. ^_^

So, those are the dresses that I found for less! Hope this somehow helps you find what you're looking for! 

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