Taiwan in December Day 1: Huashan 1914, Christmas Land, Shih-Lin Night Market!

by - January 15, 2019

Finally going back to personal posts while work hasn't piled up yet! :) Though travel blogs can be tedious to do, I really miss it! So, here's another round-up of my Taiwan series!

 I think I've been to Taiwan a total of 25 times since mom is based there. But it was only last April 2018 that I went with my friend Anagon and last December 2018 with my Husband! :) Would you believe that in our 12 years together, this is the only time we've traveled abroad? Yes! It's true! It was only recently that my husband acquired his passport and the moment he got it, I suggested we book a trip and timely too since Taiwan extended its visa-free policy until July 2019

As early as September or August 2018? We already booked our trip via Air Asia. We scouted several airlines, but they had the cheapest fare rates. :) Our total ticket price fell around Php 27,000++. Not bad since that already included luggage space. :)

The date we chose to go to was December 26-30 cos it was after Christmas and before New Year. We didn't want to miss the special occasion with our family, so this was a short but sweet trip!

For this trip, I won't go into too much details on what you need when going to Taiwan since I already blogged about it on my April 2018 trip >>CLICK HERE<<. But i'll try to still insert some here. :)

The trip to Taiwan is 2 hours and luckily we got a morning flight, so arrived at Taoyuan International Airport around 9:50AM. :)

Before heading to the immigration line, the Husband and I already spotted our 4G sim-provider at the Terminal 1 area. As usual, we booked this again via Klook before our trip and got this for only Php 508. The staff already inserts or sets-up the sim for you, in case you don't know how to go about it. :) I really prefer sim over pocket WiFi's at the moment cos it's super convenient and I only need to charge my phone instead of two gadgets. 

To get to Taipei City, we took the MRT that you can also easily find within the airport. :) You also have the option to take the airport bus. 

Finally after an hour or so of train rides, we have arrived at our busy street in Taipei! :) We fortunately didn't need to spend on AirBnB for this trip cos my mom allowed us to stay in her apartment. :) Yey! *Spot the Coco milk tea near our place haha*

Once we settled ourselves, we were ready to hit the streets again and first order of business for us - LUNCH! Haha! We didn't eat during our plane ride, so we were starving! >_< We also have a mall nearby our place called Takashimaya and always told the Hubby how I like the food court there, so that's where we ate! :)

Our first meal in Taipei! I love my veggies! I can pass up for a vegetarian any day! Haha! I was so surprised that this meal of mine only costed NT$ 65 - Php 109. That's pretty affordable for real food and not fast food. :)

Since we arrived early, we had all the time to go around and first thing on our itinerary was Huashan 1914 Creative Park! I actually wanted to go here last April but our days were so packed. Glad we got to go this time around! That's what I love about Taiwan, there's always somewhere new to explore! ^_^

*The weather in Taipei was around 19 degrees when we went and the lowest at 13 degrees. Glad we got to enjoy layering weather! ^_^ *

The Huashan 1914 Creative Park serves as a creative arts center and you can find different exhibits here from time to time + cool architectural finds. :) During our time there, these are some of the things we spotted...

First thing I spotted was this LINE FRIENDS Around The World Tour exhibit and got so giddy! Whether I'm in Korea or Taiwan, Line Friends pa din! Haha! Our son Athan loves the character Sally, so he was the first person we got 'pasalubong' for. ^_^

Next up, we went around the park to see what else we could visit. Turns out some of the exhibits here are FREE but some have a fee. For the Line Friends, we paid NT$ 240 - Php 406. But for this pop-up from Le Rouge Chanel was free!

They had makeup and perfume there and everything was so pretty! :) I was happy just being able to take some snap shots! The staff of the exhibit were friendly and accommodating for photos too!

After checking out those exhibits, we went around to explore the park some more and found some cute stores with unique products.

This store is called PINMO PURE STORE and their main product is sun dried goods. :) They make really cute stationery out of it and other interesting stuff. The Hubby was sweet enough to get me a cute milk tea illustrated notebook. ^_^

Another quirky store that sells mainly wooden cutie-patootie stuff called "Wooderful Life."

Other cool things that captured my attention at Huashan 1914 Creative park...

How to get to Huashan 1914 Creative Park:

Take Taipei MRT - Bannan Line (Blue line) and go down on Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. Take exit no.1 once you get off and you would need to walk straight until you see the park. :) Better to Google Maps! :)

When we were walking back to the station to head to our next destination, I also spotted this...

I think this place is like a hotel. :) A cute one! I wish we had more time at this area, but we also wanted to check out the Christmas Land at New Taipei City Plaza. :)

I've never been to Taiwan during the Christmas season. I always travel there during summer, so being able to explore the beautiful Christmas lights during the holidays was bliss!

By now this installation is already gone. But this was located at Banqiao Station. :) They had lights in almost every corner and they also had a cute show on the building of Taipei City Hall every hour. :)

To cap off our first night in Taipei, we went to Shih-lin Night Market to go on a little food trip!

Picked out some of my favorite peppered string bean and tempura! The Hubby and I also gave the Wagyu a try and loved it so much! You, guys should try it with rose salt! ^_^ They also had a newly opened 7-11 when we went and it's the cutest one I ever saw! We got drinks and ate there as well cos they had seats! Hihihi! :)

And that's it for my Taiwan in December Day 1! If you want to read my past Taiwan posts just visit: https://www.artsyfartsyava.com/search/label/taiwan! ^_^

Artsy Ava

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