BEAUTY: January Favorites ~ EasyDew Daily, Alani & Olay Whip!♥

by - January 18, 2019

I know there's still two weeks left before January ends, but I already can't wait to share some of my beauty favorites for the month, particularly in the skincare department. :) I don't put much make-up and would never want to be dependent on them, so I really invest in products that would keep my skin fresh and bright! I'm also turning 30 years old this year, so I want to give my skin the proper care it needs.♥

When it comes to beauty products, I really don't follow the 10-step skincare thing, but I do try to at least have some steps or stick to a routine. Below are some of the stuff I currently use...


Korean Beauty products are a no brainer when it comes to giving you amazing skin and one of the brands I discovered last year was EasyDew Daily. It's a Korean cosmetic brand by Daewoong Pharmaceutical Company in South Korea and caters to all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

I got two variants of their sheet masks: (1) EasyDew Daily 2 - Step Vita Toning Mask and (2) EasyDew Daily 2 - Step Derma Peel Mask.

For this particular post, i'll be sharing my experience with (2) EasyDew Daily 2 - Step Derma Peel Mask!

10 pieces per BOX: 2 - Step Derma Peel Mask - Php 2,111 | 2 - Step Vita Toning Mask - Php 2,533
The first thing I noticed about EasyDew Daily's mask is that it's not the typical one that you just open and plop onto your face. It has a little something extra making it 2 steps. But I don't mind cos I usually do my masking at night when the kids are all settled and I can focus on 'Mommy-time' a.k.a. 'skincare time!' hehe! ^_^

Before doing this mask routine, I first cleansed my face to make sure there's no dirt or oil and prepped it with Klairs toner...

Used LowpH Good Morning Gel Cleanser from CosRx and my Alani Sonic Skin Cleanser and Facial Massager for a deeper yet gentle cleansing. :) I really like this cos I used to just scrub my face by hand but I think it's not enough. With the sonic skin cleanser, it can absorb the products I put on my face better. Best part, it's rechargeable!

You can get this at Kimstore for only Php 599 or visit :)

Step 1 and 2 comes in just one packet but both are separately packed on the inside. You first open the top with the AHA 9% Peeling Swab (this helps remove dead cells smoothen uneven skin) and apply it around 2x all over your face. After 5 minutes, you then put on the soothing NF Cell mask (deeply nourishes the skin and hydrates skin) for 10 - 20 minutes. As for me I only did 10. :)

My personal thoughts about this mask after trying it is that I really like it! While using, it kinda gave me a cool sensation on the face? If you also noticed my BEFORE photo, my skin looks a bit on the dry and dull side. But AFTER using the mask, it gave it more dewy and youth glow. :) 

After using this product, its best to also use sunscreen. But on a daily, you shouldn't ever forget sunscreen! >_< It's very important!

I can't wait to try the 2 - Step Vita Toning Mask next! :)

Great news! You don't have to wait for your next South Korea trip cos you can get these two and other EasyDew Daily products already at BeautyMNL! ^_^ You can also follow them on Instagram for updates: :)

Last, but not the least, a product that I discovered last week and have been loving! The Olay Whip! Attended the product launch of it earlier today, but before I even got invited or knew that it was going to be launched, I actually already bought a small jar at Watsons last week. I was truly amazed at how non-greasy and lightweight it is when applied that it's now my favorite cream moisturizer. :)

I really dislike anything sticky or heavy on my face, so I'm very particular with what I use. With the Olay Whip, no kidding that it has a light air finish and it smells so good too! ♥ ^_^

At the launch with my love Pax and Hello Daniel Matsunaga! Hihi :)
You can also get your very own Olay Whip jar and at a discounted price too! From January 18-20, 2019, get it at 30% OFF! From Php 1,999 to Php 1,399! YEY!

And that's it! My 3 January favorites in the skincare category! :) Can't wait to do more posts like this! Maybe February next? ;) 


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