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by - February 18, 2019

I think going on road trips is my thing this year. I started 2019 by going to Tagaytay 3x in January and last week I made my way back again to the north side for Subic. :) If this entails that the year will be bringing me frequent travels/trips, I welcome it with open arms! Yes, please! ^_^

I've been to Subic a couple of times in the past, but I never really got the chance to explore it much. One of those Subic trips was last year with my good friend Ana, when the Inflatable Island launched their Unicorn Island. For the second time around with her, we went back for a staycation and more at the wonderful ACEA Subic Bay Hotel. :)

Subic is 3 hours away from Manila. I've seen some parts of Subic, how busy they are and so many other hotels sprouting here and there. But ACEA Subic Bay Hotel is far from those congested spaces and hustle and bustle of the big city. Once you arrive, you can immediately see the beauty of it and feel serenity. It was honestly not what I expected. I thought on the drive there, all right, we're going to a place with a beach, so I'm mentally preparing my inner Tita for the crowd - let's do this!

Expectation - crowded beach/hotel vs. Reality - basking in this amazing view with a personalized welcome drink in hand. When reality is so much better than what you imagined - BEST!. :) 

ACEA Subic Bay Hotel is managed by Hospitality Innovators, Inc. (HII), one of the country's premier hospitality management firms and they manage a lot of properties and resorts in Manila. Last 2017, I actually had the chance to stay at one of the hotels they manage called The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel with my family, so I somehow have a background of their service and hospitality. :)

With ACEA, you have the chance to relax in nature cos everywhere you look, there it is! Even the walkway leading up to our room has palm trees and plants.


Our room was the Superior Garden View (inclusive of breakfast) and upon getting in, we were welcomed with VIP chocolates that Ana really loved! I'm not much into sweets, so I just indulged in hearing her great reviews about it. If she says it was super good, I trust her haha!  ^_^ 

The room is spacious (28 sqm) with two queen sized beds that can actually fit two people per bed! I think this would be really perfect for my family too - my two boys in one bed and the hubby and I in the other! ^_^ 

Other room and bathroom amenities: 

  • FREE Wi-Fi access
  • Complimentary bottled water, coffee and tea
  • LED TV
  • Airconditioning
  • Safety deposit box
  • Writing desk
  • Hot and Cold shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathroom toiletries
Our room's view is overlooking the garden. But you also have the option of choosing a sea view. :) The rate per night is around Php 7, 650 including taxes and fees already. This is definitely worth it considering you have so many amenities at the hotel to enjoy!

After settling all our stuff in our room and freshening up, we headed to SALT Restaurant to have our lunch. :)


This is where we had our breakfast and lunch for two days + a dinner at the beach and the food was really good! I'm not a dessert or sweets type of person, but I loved their Asian cheesecake and Panna cotta so much! What I loved the most about their food service is that, they took into consideration that Ana was vegetarian and made a separate menu for her. The attention to detail is always important and very much appreciated!

If you're wanting to spend more time on local trips with your family, I highly recommend that you go to Subic. They have so much to offer and with ACEA Subic Bay, I got to enjoy two locations that are actually just 30-45 minutes away from the hotel!



I've always wanted to go to Zoobic Safari cos I've heard so many things about it online and offline. Plus,  It's something I've been considering for my kids since they love animals and this was the perfect time to check if we should add it to our future family trips!

From the hotel, Zoobic Safari was only 30 minutes and with our comfortable van ride there, I barely even noticed the time. :) The moment we got in, we were already wowed by the cute little native pigs just freely roaming around the zoo and greeting us excitedly! ^_^

I didn't expect that Zoobic was actually quite big - 25 hectare forest to be exact! It surpassed my expectations of our conventional zoos in the PH! We had a nice time checking out the wide assortment of animals that they had and I even got to pet and see a white Bengal tiger up close - Hello to adorable (but still scary haha!) Titan!

I enjoyed and learned so much from our trip here cos our tour guide Aaron was very informative! Some facts I learned during our time with him:

 Zoobic Safari is the ONLY Tiger Safari in the Philippines
 They started out with just 9 Tigers when Zoobic first opened and now they have 25!
 Tigers are very territorial animals

We rode the Zoo train to go around and see the different attractions while on board. :) When we arrived at another stop, we were informed that we would go on a Tiger Safari! The child in me got giddy! ^_^ Who doesn't want a close encounter with these magnificent creatures??

The roof/top of our Jeep! Hi TON! hehe

We rode an enclosed Jeepney for the Safari and you purchase a bucket of chicken for Php 200, so you can watch the tiger get feed up close! :) I wasn't ready when Ton the tiger immediately snagged the chicken that was being fed to him by one of the staff inside our vehicle. I shrieked a little haha! =P But it was so fun! He even joined in the safari ride himself by jumping on top of our Jeep! >_<

This was definitely the highlight of our Zoobic visit. But did you know that Tigers are endangered? :( Sadly, the estimate is around 3, 948 left from 100,000. :''( Mainly cos of habitat destruction and poaching. It really breaks my heart to even think that one day, the future generation will just see them in books. I truly hope we can do something about this before its too late.

Last but not the least on our tour was the Croco Loco and Aetas Trail!

 Feeling adventurous? Walk over the steel grated walkway while these snappers are below you! >_< If you're feeling generous, purchase them a quarter chicken for Php 50 and watch it get snagged in just a second! Felt bad for the rest that were waiting patiently like this.. made me want to get them more chicken... Oprah moment - Chicken for everyone!! >_<

Our finale was seeing the Aetas village inside the zoo. They performed a special tribal dance number for us, where they mimicked the butterfly, monkey and a war dance. They're considered as the true owners of the forest and I'm glad that Zoobic Safari has even given them job opportunities here. :)

Hands down, I super had an amazing time at Zoobic Safari! Really grateful to ACEA Subic Bay for ticking this off my bucket list and now I'm hoping to take my children here too someday!

Group 1 Ilanin Forest, Forrest Adventure, 
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
OPEN: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
RATES: P695/ adult
P595 / child 3ft-4ft
Free of Charge 3 ft below

After our fun day at the zoo, we headed back to our hotel to prep for dinner. But before that, Ana and I had some time to spare, so we decided to check out the beach side of ACEA and have our dose of Vitamin Sea!

This is something you can never get in the city - an unobstructed view of the stunning sunset and be able to see the sky change colors. :) It's absolutely beautiful! Ana and I couldn't get enough of it and kept taking photos to preserve the memory.

With this private and lovely beachfront, I think it would also make a perfect venue for beach weddings!

This is also an exclusive/private beach, so you are assured of quiet and quality time with the people you love. :)

Ana and I ended the night with a lovely dinner by the beach with our ACEA group and nestled in our cozy bed while watching Korean news (odd but entertaining haha!) right after. :)

Next day, woke up early to have buffet breakfast before heading to our next adventure!

We were told that ACEA actually has themed buffets. Meaning, it changes every now and then to promote local and international cuisine. :) So, during your stay, you can expect variety!


As I mentioned above, the Inflatable Island is no longer new to Ana and I, but we were still excited to go back since we weren't able to fully enjoy it the first time we went there. :)

Just 45 minutes away from ACEA, you can bring your family or feel like a kid again and enjoy this 3,400 sqm floating playground that is equivalent to 8 basketball courts put together! Just be ready for some real physical activity cos the slides, towers and bridges are more than what they seem!

Hello to us Titas with no endurance! >_< Haha! Nag lounge + mango shake na lang at the Pink Bali Lounge! We were able to try the floats on our first visit, so we decided to try a different thing this time. :) Truth be told, we just really wanted to go back to ACEA and enjoy the resort! Haha!


Aside from Zoobic Safari and Inflatable Island, you can also visit these cool attractions in Subic!

Visit KLOOK HERE to get discounted tickets or to know more about these! :)

When we got back to the hotel, Ana and I decided to check out some of the things we missed out on the day before cos it was already late when we finished swimming + dinner.



As a mom of two boys who always beg me to take them to "softy playgrounds", i'd like to believe I am a pro when it comes to distinguishing great play areas and this one from ACEA is FANTASTIC! It's the biggest one I've ever seen inside a hotel! I kept telling Ana how my kids would happily stay here ALL day if they were with me on this trip. :) I actually showed this photo to my youngest son Asher and he said, "I wanna go there!" I'm positively sure we will!

This room is another impressive amenity of ACEA. :) It's a teenager and gamers delight!


If ever you want to change of soaking place, ACEA also has a beautiful pool side where you can beat the heat of summer. :)

Another area for the kids - playground pool! Seriously, I think the only problem any parent would encounter on this staycation is leaving the place! Its too fun for the kiddos! Haha! ^_^

This trip is definitely one for the books! ACEA Subic Bay is truly more than just an accommodation. They're a memorable and fun experience for everyone and I can't wait to go back again, next with my family! ^_^

Thank you so much, ACEA Subic Bay, Buensalido PR for taking such good care of us on this trip! Also to Beb Ana for joining me and making it 10x more the fun! hihi!

San Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Subic

Artsy Ava

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  1. andami photos������ Salamat Ms Ava. Nice ng hotel and the place is heaven, sarap mag relax and napaka peaceful. Never been to Zoobic Safari too and hoping to be wd kids soon..Super enjoy ng kids ko looking on the pics here sa blog so they will know what to expect there .Hanggang Manila Zoo palang kasi mga bagets ko hehe. INFLATABLE ISLAND is a must visit too, ayan ung pati outfit mo nag blend ang cute. Saya nyo n Ms Ana. More road trips soon��


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