Fisher Mall Malabon OPENING!

by - February 11, 2019

I was telling my husband the other day how I've been frequenting the north side of Manila a lot lately and it has been a treat! I've enjoyed all those cos I got to go with my friends and see new places. One of which is the newly opened Fisher Mall in Malabon! :)

Yes, you saw that right Malabon peeps! You have a new mall in town to go to and dine at! Together with my blogger friends, we were able to tour the mall and be there for the official opening last January 31, 2019!

Our trip to Fisher Mall, Malabon was quite early, so this was kind of a field trip for us and when we got there, we witnessed a short mass and official ribbon-cutting. :)

You can also see how Chinese New Year - ready they were! :) Loved the dangling Chinese lanterns, which were also present in their Fisher Mall, Quezon City branch.

The Fisher Mall team, owner Mr. Roberto N. Del Rosario, and Barangay Chairman of Malabon City/Actress Angelika Dela Cruz up on stage for the ribbon-cutting. :)

Once the welcoming remarks and blessing was done, we got to tour the mall! If you haven't been yet, giving you guys a virtual tour of it here! ^_^

There are still some shops that are closed and still being constructed cos the mall is fairly new. But there are also plenty of stores and restaurants already open for you to enjoy! Here are some...


The Fisher Mall Department store has fashion needs + things for your home needs. :) 

These are just a glimpse of what they have for their stores. :)

Others: Mercury, Bench, Watchworth, Fisher Toy Store, Bizaare, RRJ, Polyeast, Aficionado, Broadway Gems, Olympic Village, Clickstore, Samsung, Fonestyle, Sante Tabuna, Cherry Mobile, Oppo, PC Express, Queen Mother, Lay Bare, 360 Barbers and Beauty, Nails Glow, Randy Ortiz Dental Clinic, Playland and Fisher Mall Box Office


For your banking needs, they have BPI inside and soon to be open is BDO! :) I really like it when malls have banks inside cos I no longer have to go else where. Everything is there!


They have a food galley to cater to your different cravings and even a cool Hisense Karaoke stalls to channel your inner song bird! :)

Did I mention, that Fisher Mall is also pet-friendly? ^_^ Bring along your fur babies!

Other food tenants: Chowking, Shakeys, Master Siomai, Fiorgelato, Farron, Turks, Adobo Connection, Sisig Society, Pepper Lunch, Khaleb, The Cold Brew, Baliwag, Steak Station, Morita Express, Couch Potato, Takoya, Foss, HK Fried Noodles, Master Tempura, Maming Gala, Johnn Lemon, Buko ni Fruitas, Lil Orbits, Waffle Time, Ginataang Bilobilo at Mais and Pinay Decenas


It was my first time to visit any Fisher Mall grocery and was impressed with it! The place has so many selections and the look gives me those paid-membership grocery vibes! :)

Can Fisher Mall open in the south too? hehe ^_^ I would love to hit the grocery there every month!

If you're wondering if they have a cinema, yes, they will on May 4! But no VIP one like in QC. :) 

That's it for my virtual! :) For updates and more information, visit :)

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