Taiwan in December Day 2: Taipei Zoo, Taipei Underground Mall, etc.

by - February 06, 2019

Being able to go back and forth to Taiwan has some perks and one of that is I already know which tourist spots I could take my husband to. It's his first out of the country trip and to a place I spent most of my childhood in, so I really wanted us to make the most out of it. :) But I was also excited that my husband also added a few places that he wanted to go to on our itinerary! ^_^

For Day 2, we again had a packed day and first thing on our agenda was Taipei Zoo! Its been years since I last went and I wanted to let the Hubby see how beautiful the zoo is in Taiwan. :)

Since we were out and about early, we started looking for breakfast near our apartment and we have so many milk tea, convenience stores and bakeries around, so it's quite easy to find food. We had my favorite Taiwan pancake a.k.a. Tanping. It's egg with some basil. :) Super good! Then we got some milk tea drinks at 7-11. We then just sat across the train station and ate our food since we couldn't eat inside the train. This became our breaky routine every morning. :) I miss our quiet mornings!

Tried bundling up with a puffy jacket and scarf on this day but turns out it wasn't enough! It was so cold! >_< I should have layered more!

The only sad thing about our zoo trip was that it was so gloomy and rained the whole day. It didn't stop the whole time we were there, but thankfully we brought an umbrella. :) I'm also very fortunate that my husband is a trooper and didn't mind the rain at all. :) We just made the most out of it and went around to see the different animals. We were lucky that some were out despite the weather.

In order to get to Taipei Zoo, you just have to take the MRT Brown line and go to the very end of the station. :)

The zoo is pretty huge and good thing they have a QR code you can scan to get the map on your phone. :) Saves paper too! Yey! 

I love how they have different kinds of species of animals and that they seem to take really good care of their animals. :) My favorite were the hippos! I kept coming back to their habitat area. ^_^ Oh and their aviary is impressive too! We spotted these birds that were just freely roaming around. 

Honestly, the rain would totally bother me in times like this. But my husband was just a joy to be with that I didn't notice it. We enjoyed our trip!

After our zoo time, we had a lot of time left, so we decided to go to the places my husband wanted to go to, which mainly focuses on toys! 

We went to the Taipei Main Station of the MRT to check out the Taipei Undergound Mall. I haven't been here before, so I was glad to see this in new eyes like the hubby. :)

They have a lot of quirky stores there like Mr. Friendly, Eslite and some cool Gashapon!

Eslite is my favorite bookstore in Taiwan. They not only offer books but so many other quirky stuff like these! ^_^  This is a must-visit if you're into bookstores like me!

The husband wanted to try McDonald's in Taiwan too to see the difference. Cos you know how Mcdo varies in their menu depending on the country? :) Like most, they also didn't have rice and they have Angus beef burger! Yum! I had my usual two piece chicken. :)

After going around, we realized that this particular mall didn't have the figure arts that the husband was looking for, so we visited Gold Bricks first to see their LEGO stuff.

They have a lot of cool sets, you can assemble your own mini figure and accessories that you can buy individually. :) We even managed to get the boys some pasalubong since they love LEGO like their dad. :)

After our LEGO visit, we headed to Taipei City Mall for the Hubby's search for figure toys!

In case your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband is also into these things, this is the place to take them to! :) I mainly enjoyed looking at Gashapon. >_<

To cap off the night, we headed to Ximending Night market (Go down the blue line -Ximen Station) and the first thing I spotted was the Adidas store and I immediately went in cos I wanted to see if they had the Falcon sneakers I was looking for. True enough, they did! The hubby was sweet enough to get me a pair! ^_^

We mainly just went around to explore then went home. We were still tired from our Day 1 that we decided to rest early. :)

If you're debating which night market to visit Shih-lin  or Ximending, I suggest the latter cos it's bigger and has a lot more shopping to offer. :) 

That's it for Day 2! :) If you wanna read up on my other Taiwan posts, visit:  https://www.artsyfartsyava.com/search/label/taiwan 
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