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by - March 12, 2019

Every year when I think of my New Year’s Resolution or look back on the past year, I always wish for more quality time with my family. Its something that will never be off my list because I know how fast time flies and that soon my kids will be all grown up and I want to be able to cherish every waking moment with them. Though, to be honest, there are days that I get so overwhelmed with juggling things, like my career, passion projects, mommy duties and taking care of our family that I tend to shut down because I feel like I’m not in control and things just fall apart. But this 2019, I vowed to keep an even more optimistic/open mind, free myself from things I cannot control, and focus on a worry-free life for me and my boys, because as moms, our kids see us as their role models and we want them to grow-up in a happy and stress-free environment. :) It starts with us, mommas!

I remember fellow moms often asking me online how I manage my time so well. Personally, there are challenges. But I am fortunate to have my husband and family (my Lola, Mom, Aunt & in-laws) behind my back. They not only help me greatly in lessening my worries when it comes to daunting tasks but also enable me to have the time I need to grow and find my purpose. Aside from that, I try to plan ahead, when I’m done with work, I don’t go back to it anymore. I focus on my family, and I go for things that can help make daily tasks easier.

With my blog, I truly hope to inspire other moms that even if we’re already mothers and there are busy days, we can still do so much more! We are strong, driven and even more inspired because our children look up to us. :) We can raise a family and also have time for the things we are passionate about and live our best life. We just need to believe in ourselves!

For #ZeroWorries, I also turn to Joy. I'm sure most of you practical and wise moms are familiar with it and how much of a saver this product is. The best-ever-zero-sebo formula is tough on grease and has long lasting suds that helps me clean in a jiffy. It amazes me how it removes grease from usually hard to sponge out material, like plastic containers.

Aside from that, a little mom hack that I’d like to share is that, I use Joy for other things too and not just for washing plates, pots and pans! I also use it to clean our kitchen cabinets and walls too!

My son Asher is 6 years old and there are times when feels like Picasso and starts leaving me his cute little masterpieces around the house. Maybe because our house is all white, he thinks its paper! >_< Thankfully, just a drop of Joy and a little scrub, off it goes! Our cabinet is pristine white again!

My all around experience with using Joy now is that, it really gets the job done. It’s more concentrated, so its tough on grease and has long lasting suds, so I don’t have to keep putting another round of detergent - this alone already gives us value for our money and helps us save! It also removes unwanted smell on our plates with its fresh lemony scent. I’m very much into citrus, so this is a great addition, and even if I have a pile of plates to wash, the formula is gentle on the hands, so I never have to worry about irritating my sensitive skin. :)

Efficient products like Joy has made life easier for us because it has given me the opportunity to spend lesser time scrubbing the dishes and allow me to have more cuddle or playtime time with the kids, countless story time at night and one-on-one talks with the husband. :)

In life, being able to live your best is all about finding a good balance, appreciating what you have, looking on the bright side of things to help reduce any stress you’re feeling, and choosing quality products, like the best-ever-zero-sebo JOY that can lead you to zero-worries!

*In Partnership with JOY*

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  1. Super true mommy... I am a proud user of Joy dishwashing liquid eversince.. Because I've got a lot of time to bond with my kids.. Or minsan pa ginagawa na rin naming bondong mag ina ang paghuhugas ng plato..Kasi po wala naman siya harmful ingredients na nakakasugat ng kamay ng mga bata.. Gustong gusto pa nga po nila gamitin ang Joy kasi bukod sa subrang mabula niya at very affordable, napakabango at lambot pa sa kamay after maghugas.. Kaya po subrang nakakaginhawa po ang Joy gamitin.... The best!!!

  2. Kaka inspired naman po kayo mam, Quality time dapattalaga sa family natin as a working and single mother kahit mahirap pinipilit ko mailabas every weekend 2 kung anak para man lang magka bonding kami after namin mag simba. Sa bahay naman sometimes tulog na sila pag dating ko. Mahirap din minsan.
    Fb.freda lara

  3. Yay! i didn't know it works on walls and cabinets haha omg will try that asap. Andaming mga sulat dito gawa ng kids ko..And same here, quality time pinaka important sa lahat for me.
    I admire you on how you manage at home. Ako i wake up at wee hrs kasi breastfeeding and bunso constantly wakes me up to nurse and hubby takes care buying food to cook early morning.
    I cried too many times when am fed up but still go on lalo na seeing my kids and their lovely smiles. Super happy na ako na active sila and di sakitin.
    I am inspired even more while reading this blog . I am sahm with 3 kids and wala talagang yaya, never had.Leaving the world where I used to earn is something i don’t actually miss but the fact that i am earning makes me think
    and worry now that I don’t earn at home. I used to write few articles in a specific website but stopped for some reasons- low income, no time for the eldest thus affects behaviour. I realized that kids are important than anything. I do task at home and now having 3 means more mess inside our home. What’s challenging is i have to attend siblings war, tantrums and still fulfill my duty as a mom . House chores can be time consuming esp taking care of the tantamount laundry and of course the dishes. I only use Joy sachet because it is cheaper and available in the nearest sari sari store. What i do is transfer it to an empty container and just ISANG PATAK and that’s enough. Challenging part is cleaning dishes with oily and tough stains and am glad Joy is helping me out. I encourage my kids too with some home chores so instead of refusing them to help, i let them . My toddler usually help me on the dishes. She likes scrubbing the sponge with Joy on greasy plates and see the magic right after. No grease at all! Kuya does his task; cleaning the sala, fixing his bed and siblings too while bunso pick up some trash and place it in the garbage bin. Now, i have more time with them playing and storytelling is their favourite bonding at noon time /nap time. Managing house chores is important so we can spare more time with our children ❤️ Indeed, #zeroworries Mama here

  4. I live joy tanggal sebo talaga kaya Zero Worries minsan ginagamit ko pa yang panlaba effective talaga 😊


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