PROMIL: Summer activity for your kids | Where are the past notable i-Shiners now?

by - March 11, 2019

The month of March signals the beginning of summer for most of our kids and as parents, we tend to start planning for all the summer activities that our kids can do. But to be honest, I struggle with this at times cos I get so excited and plan so many things! Aside from that, I also want them to enjoy and be able to take something away from the experience. :)

Do you also think about all these, mommas? :)

This coming summer, aside from our family plans of hopefully taking the kids on road trips, swimming and do random vacation activities, i'll also be enrolling my son Asher in the Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 7. :) He'll be done with Kinder 1 by the end of March and April will be quite vacant for us, so this is a great time to get him into activities!

  The Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp has five camps to choose from: Art, Music, Dance, Theatre and Ballet. But since Asher has been showing signs of creativity in the art department in school (his works often get displayed), I figured it would fun for him to enhance his skills on it, so we picked Art Camp w/Papemelroti! ^_^ I really can't wait for him to start! We'll be enrolling this week already. :)

Did you know, that some of the people you admire today, like Worth Lodriga, Esang de Torres and Shaira Luna are actually notable past i-Shiners? :) 


*Photo from @WorthLodriga Twitter*

A child prodigy and only 9 years old! He has already placed in many local and international competitions and even won the title of Little Picasso. What's even more surprising about this little guy is his love for our country. :) He is often seen decked in his trademark Philippine flag jacket and stated in a past interview with PhilStar, "I do this for the Philippines because I love the Philippines. I want other countries to know that Filipinos are good artists". He has the potential to be a National Artist in the making! He was in the i-Shine batch 5! :) 


*Photo from YouTube*

Telesa Marie Castillejo De Torres or better known as Esang. She was the grand winner in Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 3! She is known as Filipina child singer and for portraying Lea Salonga's 'Mini me' on ABS-CBN's 'It's Showtime!'  She also joined The Voice Kids Philippines in 2015 with Lea Salonga as her coach. :) Today she is 12 years and known as the Little Broadway Diva. :)


A personal favorite i-Shiner of mine is none other than Shaira Luna. I'm sure of all of us are familiar with her being the "Promil Kid" or "Gifted Child" cos back in the day, i'd see her often in ads. :) Now, she is a "self-taught" photographer and an amazing one at that! I had the chance to be photographed by her at an event and until now I'm still in awe at her creativity!

There are many other notable i-Shiners and who knows, MY child or YOUR kids can also be the next "gifted child!" ^_^ As moms, we always have to make to nurture their gifts and support them every step of the way. :) 

What are you waiting for? ^_^ Enroll your kids to this year's Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp!

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