Asher in Promil Four i-Shine's Art Camp 7!♥

by - May 05, 2019

Summer vacation has been ongoing for both my kids since April and its been a week already since Asher concluded his one week art camp with Promil Four i-Shine. We still have rehearsals for their recital on May 10. But we really miss waking up early to attend his art workshop with Teacher Kara of Papemelroti. :)

My son Asher is a very shy boy. I realized it may not seem that way cos he's always smiling or being his quirky self when I post him on my social media. But truly, he is. He's taken aback when he see's a huge crowd, he normally won't talk to people he's only met once or even twice and he would always pull me close to him or clam up whenever there are people around. So, this was one of my main concern during the time of his workshop and I really hoped he wouldn't cry or even back out from it.

Thankfully, Teacher Kara is so warm and a natural in dealing with kids cos it didn't take long before Asher felt comfortable in her class and started working on his projects. :) Though, Teacher Kara was also very thoughtful in allowing me to stay during Asher's first day cos she didn't want him to feel scared or alone. I eventually slowly let him go, so he can interact with his fellow i-Shiners. 

Teacher Kara taught the kids all kinds of cool art projects and even teaches them fun facts about each of them. They not only get to express their creativity, but are also given added knowledge. :) 

During the time that I got to hangout inside their class, I had fun time watching all of them bond with each other and work on their own pieces. ^_^ It's undeniable that every kid is so talented! I always looked forward to seeing their final output.

Aside from honing his skills in art, another reason why I'm glad we joined in Promil Four's i-Shine Talent Camp is that, Asher was able to meet new friends and he got to open up more on his socializing skills too!

Everyday I watched these kids run around, talk nonstop and just laugh contagiously at each other. This was taken during their last day and it was bittersweet watching them cos I knew it was their last day. :( They've bonded so much over the week and it made me wish that we had a month of this. 

It was only our first time joining this, but I'm sure it won't be the last. We had such an awesome time and I'm so happy to see Asher grow in skills, knowledge and friendship. :)

 It's no wonder why Promil Four keeps doing this every year cos it really does teach kids so much more and brings out the best in them. :) Can't wait for Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 8! ;)

To know more about the Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp, visit :)

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