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by - April 29, 2019

I've been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. It was in fourth grade when I officially started wearing one and it was this bright gold circular pair that I really didn't have the liberty of choosing. But of course, as a kid, your parents would always go for the practical choices (I know I would too cos kids easily break things) and to be honest, there weren't that much fun frame options during my younger years. 

Now that I'm in my adult-ing phase and living in a time where the more options the better is significant, I'm absolutely happy cos I finally get to pick the kind of glasses that fits my personality and style. Though to be honest, being four-eyed and glasses-dependent can be difficult. You see, I wear mine on a daily basis. I'm almost blind without them and whenever I get a new pair, I have to make sure I pick the 'perfect' one cos I would have to wait on years or for it to break for me to pick out a new one. Cos one pair can already be pricey, what more two? Hence, it has to be THE one that would be great for everyday use and be neutral enough to match my outfits. 

Finally, having just ONE pair is not the only option for people like me who love their glasses!

Recently, optical store Vision Express has launched their latest 2 For 1 promo and this is really exciting because you can get two glasses for just the price of 1! :) You won't be limited anymore in just having one pair. You'll have two styles to pick from!

Again, for someone who wear glasses on a daily, this is something I really looked forward to! A few weeks back, I went to Vision Express' branch at Glorietta (beside Mercury Drugstore) to check out the 2 For 1 promo and also to have my eyes checked cos its been a year since my last. :)

The optical has a FREE 7-Step Eye Exam for their customers, wherein they do the following:

1. Auto Refractometry - to check if you're near or far sighted or have astigmatism
2. Visual Acuity Test - measures how far you can see by making you read out letters or numbers
3. Ophthalmoscopy - checks the overall health of your retina 
4. Retinoscopy - allows the doctor to access the ability of your eyes to focus and adjust to clarity
5. Binocular Vision Test - tests the ability of your right and left eye to work together 
6. Subjective Refraction - doctor lets you test trial lenses to make sure it fits your prescription
7. Duochrome Test - requires you to access letters or numbers on red and green backgrounds

I was able to do all these tests with my doctor. She was very thorough with the check up and I even told her that I felt like my grade went up a little cos of the kind of job that I'm - always in front of the computer. True enough, after all 7 steps, she clarified that my grade did went slightly up. At least, now I confirmed it and can get new lenses. :)

After getting my new prescription, it was finally time to check some frames! ^_^  Now get to pick 2 styles! Yey! With the promo of Vision Express, they have two collections you can choose from, the SILVER and GOLD.

They have a wide variety of frames to choose from. There are geometric shapes, patterned frames and even clip on glasses type. :) But since I love classic pieces, I went for the GOLD collection. :)

These are the two frames that I ended up picking. Yes, both gold but totally different style - one is rose gold with just a plain frame while the second one is patterned. :) Great for day and night looks! 

The best thing about this promo is that you also get to save a lot! Imagine if the original price of the frame you want is Php 2,990 and you wanted to get two? That would mean, you have to pay Php 5,980. But with Vision Express' 2 Styles for the price of 1, you only pay Php 2,990 for both! 

Having two glasses is also a good backup! I remember when Asher was only a year old, I just woke up from my nap and as I was about to reach out for my glasses, he hurriedly got it for me with the purest intentions of being able to hand it to his mommy... but he got overly excited and opened it too far and *snap* broke the temples of my ONLY pair of glasses and simultaneously my heart too. :((( I had so much mix feelings cos he was just a baby and didn't meant it. But on the other hand, I didn't know how I was going to function that day cos I'm really not functional without my glasses. Needless to say, I spent the day trying to super glue my temples, so always have a spare!

This is how the glasses that I picked out look when worn. :)

I love the Moxie and Tony Morgan frames that I picked out cos they're exceptional in style and quality. :)

Don't miss out on this awesome promo! ^_^

For more information about Vision Express or this promo, visit |

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