We LOVE Soban K-Town Grill!

by - May 21, 2019

As someone who loves the Korean culture, it's no question that I am also obsessed with their food. I remember being so hooked on Kimchi when I was pregnant with Asher and practically ate Samgyupsal every single day when Mom and I went to South Korea. I won't deny that I also eat A LOT of that here in Manila and fortunately, it's not difficult to search for Korean food here cos there are so many already. ^_^ But of course, I have my favorites! 

One of the recent ones I got to try this year is SOBAN K-TOWN GRILL!

For those who aren't familiar with Soban a.k.a. "small tray or table", it's a restaurant collaboration between winning Korean restauranteur, Mr. Sung Rah of Sariwon Korean Barbecue (which I'm also obsessed about! Love it there, guys!), and his Philippine franchisee the Happyfoods Group of Restaurants. :) 

I've actually been wanting to eat at Soban way before they officially opened, back when I would just see their tarps cover in malls, cos like I mentioned above, I love Sariwon and knowing that they're just from one company, I badly wanted to try it too! :) 

Went to the opening of their Megamall branch last April and finally got to try!

The interiors of Soban is very simple and right off the bat you know that you are inside a Korean restaurant. I like how clean it is and has a minimalist feel. :)

My favorite part of any food event - eating time!! Brought my husband Gersh to the event since we could bring a plus one and he shares the same love or even greater than me when it comes to Samgyupsal, so he's the perfect date!

The meal that we were served was the MEGA MEAT BBQ Set and for Php 1,000 this is worth your money! :)  This is meant for two people and comes with the following:
  • 360g of meat per person
  • Large fresh woo samgyup
  • Large fresh samgyupsal
  • Small Samgyupsal or Dak Galbi
  • Served with a maximum of 2 unlimited white rice, soup and side dishes
They served us this tier of meat and personally, my husband and I get so full already by the second plate that usually the third one, we take out. It's really filling! The meat is also quite thick, so definitely you'd be satisfied. ;)

I've eaten at Soban at total of two times just last April and personally can't wait to go back again with the kids since they're also Samgyupsal-lovers! :)

If you're not a huge fan of the grilled food, they also have other stuff on their menu that you can try!

That K-Taco has got me curious! The Beef Ramyeon is making me hungry now! >_<

Price wise, I think Soban K-Town Grill is not bad! Their service is also great with waiters who are accommodating and ready for your needs. :) It's worth your time and dime!

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Soban.KTown/. :)

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