EntrepHERneur: Real business Talk with GoDaddy and Maggie Wilson-Consunji!

by - May 22, 2019

When I started blogging way back in 2005, I remember how I was so content already with having a platform of my own and just being able to freely express myself on this cyberspace. But when I started attending events in 2010 and I would fill-up registration forms with my site, I suddenly felt how tedious it was to write www.artsyfartsyava.blogspot.com. >_< Can you imagine? For some reason though, I still didn't get a domain cos I thought I really didn't need it. Thankfully  around 2012, the Hubby decided to give me one of the best Christmas gifts ever and that was my very own domain from GoDaddy! ^_^ From then, I realized how important it really was to have a website or domain of your own cos it makes everything so much more professional and can make it easier for people to find you. Especially that I treat blogging as my job or business now, it's crucial!

GoDaddy Inc., is used by almost every blogger I know. My Husband also got his domain from them! They're the kind of company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs or people who want to start up a business or take things to the next level. 

Yesterday, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, influencers and women in business gathered for a workshop-inspired conference called "EntrepHERneur: Real Talk with GoDaddy, Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Friends" at Casa Consunji. :)

How great it is to live in a time where women are empowered to run the world and their own businesses. What's even better is that, there are companies like GoDaddy that is committed to empowering entrepreneurs everywhere by providing tools and support needed to help them grow and succeed online. During the workshop, GoDaddy Brand Ambassador and Co-owner of Casa Consunji, Maggie Wilson-Consunji , Parul Shah, Co-owner of Casa Consunji and Tina Shieh, GoDaddy Marketing Director for Asia shared tips and advises on how beneficial it is to build a professional online presence for their ideas and ventures.

Casa Consunji is proof of how a website can help turn a business idea into a global success. Business partners Maggie and Parul talked about how they were able to grow the potential of the business and expand globally through an online store. Yes, they have physical stores, but having the website for just two months already allowed them to enjoy 30% increase in sales with customer orders coming from different countries in Asia and the U.S. :)

Parul, Maggie and Tina

 At the workshop, Maggie also shared some of her tips to people who are just starting up their business and this was really inspiring and helpful for me. I know my online store is just a tiny baby compared to some. But I do agree that you need to have a strong passion for something for it to work. You have to take risks and let this become a learning experience. :) 

I was so amazed with both Maggie and Parul during the workshop cos they are so much more than beauty. They really work hard for Casa Consunji by sourcing each and every product, they're very hands-on, they're ready to get dirty for it, and they even take their own photos for their website! ^_^ The dedication they have for their business is truly admirable and inspiring!

To equip us more in our field, Tina Shieh, Go Daddy's Marketing Director for Asia gave us a live demonstration on navigating GoDaddy Website Builder

"It's never been easier to communicate your idea or start a business online with today's choice of easy-to-use tools offered at affordable prices. With GoDaddy Website Builder, people can create a beautiful, professional looking website in under an hour, even with a mobile phone, without having a lot of technical knowledge." - Tina Shieh

So, yes! Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can totally create a beautiful website on your own. :) The GoDaddy Website Builder is designed to be user-friendly for everyone! You can easily customize it, have the option to connect your social media, and it's mobile and desktop-friendly too! How I wish when I started blogging they had this already. :) I remember how much blood, sweat and tears I had when I worked on my blog's HTML or coding way back in 2005! >_< 

If ever you're thinking of starting your own online store, business platform or blog, GoDaddy is the best place to build it. :) You even get a 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL when you start! 

It was indeed a productive and inspiring afternoon! I'm glad I was able to attend this workshop and I hope through this post, you guys can also find the spark to start your own website and be able to connect with a wider audience. :)

I personally can't wait to create my own site for both my online store + blog on GoDaddy's Website Builder! ^_^

For more information, visit www.GoDaddy.com!

Artsy Ava

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