Current food cravings: Quaker Instant Oats and Hakata Tonichi!

by - July 13, 2019

I am a foodie at heart or tummy, rather and I love trying out new stuff and sometimes, when I discover something really yummy, I tend to obsess about it and keep eating it until I'm tired of it or sick to my stomach. Haha! Do you relate? Recently, I found myself craving for these certain food and want to share them with you! :)


Being a mom for more than 11 years, having to wake up really early for school and needing to adult in some occasions has still not trained me enough to be a morning person. It's just not my jam and I don't think it will ever be. >_< I've always been an insomniac and that's something i've found difficult to shake off. But there is one way to make me all happy and perked up in the morning, and that's a yummy breakfast! :) 

Eating breakfast helps start your day right and give you the nutrients and energy you need to take on your tasks for the day. But sometimes our mornings tend to get so busy or we'd rather snooze a little more than cook our meals, so we either skip it or go for the unhealthy bites. 

With Quaker Instant Oats, it doesn't have to be that way! You can easily prepare this and let it become an easy and tasty solution to your breakfast woes!

 Before, it was honestly so hard for me to swallow oats cos of the bland and plain taste. Thankfully, Quaker Instant Oats made more exciting flavors, like Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana and Honey, and Original with Milk! A great way to kickstart your day in a simple, nutritious and healthy way. :)

The great thing also about Quaker Oats is that, it's a super grain! It contains fiber to help keep you full longer, protein to give you energy to get going, and beta-glucan to lower cholesterol for your heart health.

During the event, Quaker Oats together with Alex Gonzaga and Luis Mazano shared how important it is to incorporate healthy habits into your morning routine. :)

Glad that I now have more reasons to have delicious mornings cos of Quaker Oats! How about you? What makes you look forward to mornings? :)

Quaker Instant Oats is available in all supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide! For more information, visit :)


I have been craving this since the moment I first tasted it and in all honesty, I've eaten here a total of 3x just this month alone. >_< I'm talking about none other than, HAKATA TON-ICHI, the newest ramen restaurant that opened on Top of the Glo. :)

It's no exaggeration when I say that I can eat there again for two more days straight. I feel in love with their signature ramen or Hakata King's Set. I can gobble it up in just a few minutes and I think my obsession with it started after I had such a long day of mom duties and workout. It instantly became my comfort food. It's also very filling!

But truly, the main winner of this is, you can get a bowl of ramen for just PHP 180! WOW, right??  It's worth your money and will surely make your tummy happy. :) I also personally love their Gyoza and Salmon roll!

During the opening I tried out the red ramen cos I thought it was spicy? But it actually wasn't. Still pretty good though! They have curry too, in case you're not a ramen or noodles kind of person!

Hakata Ton-ichi is located at the 4th floor of Top of the Glo (Japan Town) in Glorietta. You won't miss it cos you can immediately spot this inspired Shibuya Crossing in front of it! ^_^

For more information, visit HAKATA TON-ICHI on FB!. :)

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  1. Favorite din ng mga kids ko yang quaker oats momshie.. Nakakatuwa kasi may mga new flavor na pagpipilian. Ang sarap na man jan moms sa kinainan niyo na japanese food. Kakagutom at affordable pa 😊


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