FITBIT: Inspire HR vs. Versa Lite review

by - July 28, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that lately i've begun my fitness journey. Something that I have been wanting to do for so long, but I kept putting it off. Thankfully with a little push from a friend, I successfully achieved 3 sessions of Barre class! *claps* Yey! Aside from my good friend Anna pushing me to attend a fitness class, i've also got that extra push and encouragement from Fitbit cos I received their two newest watches - the Fitbit Inspire HR and Fitbit Versa Lite! ^_^

I love Fitbit. I was introduced to the brand last year and back then I was using the ALTA HR. :) I also made a review on that. If you wanna read up on it, just click the link. ^_^ A lot has changed since I had that watch cos now, I'm actually doing workouts and I've explored more the Fitbit app than before. :) 

If you're new to Fitbit and currently debating if you should get one or what model to get, let me share with you the reasons why you should get one and some of the things you can do with it. ^_^

With Fitbit, the first thing you should do is download the Fitbit app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This is FREE and you just have to make sure your watch is charged before putting it to the test. You only need bluetooth to connect the watch to the App. :)

This is what my profile looks like and you can even add friends who also have a Fitbit! :) You can encourage each other through the app, you can get badges and trophies for achieving certain challenges, you can join communities and you even have a Fitbit Coach that you can use to help you with workouts if you don't have time to hit the gym! Cool, right? 

As you can see above, my goal is pretty simple. I just want to live better and to be honest, Fitbit is a great tracker for that! Here's a closer look on the Inspire HR and Versa Lite...

Both fitness trackers are friendly and easy to use everyday. They also come in different colors and straps can be changed, so it can easily match your personality and mood. :)

 Since this is the first time that I had to deal with two watches, I went to to check their section on the site where you can compare two products to know their differences. This is also a great way to see which model you really want to get. :)

Upon checking, I noticed that they actually have quite a few similarities. Almost anything the Versa Lite can do, the Inspire HR can as well and that's great! But I think the winning factor for me would have to be the Swimproof feature of both. :) I can get clumsy sometimes and there are ways for me to wet my accessories, so having both as water resistant is already a big deal for me! Also, if I do decide on taking swim lessons someday or swimming related trips, I can track my laps with it!

I think as a girl, the Fitbit app is also very helpful cos it tracks menstrual cycles..sorry boys who read my blog -TMI! haha! >_< But it's true! Sometimes, I don't really know the exact day I would get my period. But when I login my first period day, it can tell me when the next cycle would be! :) My period and I can be in sync too! LOL! =P


The first one that I tried was the Versa Lite. I'm a watch person, so I got so excited that it had a bigger screen and something that closely resembles a watch. :) It also came in my favorite color, so initially, I was already in love!

When I finally got it setup, I noticed on the app that it had an option for me to change clock faces and being someone who loves design or personalizing my things, I jumped on changing mine to the Bitmoji one! ^_^ Not only is it cute, but it's me as a cartoon-looking character. :)

 Finally the day that I officially tried it! My first time in Barre class with my friend Anna!

For this class, I was able to track my heart rate and even measured my calorie burn throughout the day. Also screen capped some of the exercise recordings my Versa Lite was able to catch. :) I like that the Fitbit has a Goal-based exercise modes. You can choose from 15+ exercise modes like bike, run, weights and yoga and you can set an exercise goal for calories burned, distance or duration. With this, it's easy to check your progress. :)

Aside from my Barre classes, my Fitbit also tracks number of steps taken in a day and since I walk a lot, this is also a great way to exercise. :) Oh and it also alerts/reminds me when I'm on rest for a very long time! *Move it, Ava! >_<*

Since I was in the process of reviewing my Fitbit, I decided to bring it to our Bangkok trip last week.

We all know that traveling involves A LOT of walking and happy to report during our second day in BKK, I was already able to earn my first Sneaker badge a.k.a. 10,000 steps! ^_^ This ended in a 13K steps but I was pleased with how much walking we did! Normally in Manila, the most i'd achieve is 3-4K. :) Then come the last day of our trip, I got another badge - The Penguin March Badge! I felt like such a winner for my health and got even more encouraged to move!


Staying connected is something very important in our generation. But there are times that you just want to chill or take a step back and put our phones in our bags or pockets while we talk to other people. In turn, we often don't hear those *dings* for messages or rings for calls cos we're so preoccupied. When you have your Fitbit on, you can easily get notifications for phone calls, texts, calendar alerts, and even receive notifications from your favorite apps on your wrist!

Lastly, may I just commend the battery life of this watch?? When I fully charge, it can take a max of 4 days before it fully goes low batt! I'm glad I have one gadget that I don't have to constantly charge!

I'm really bad when it comes to sleep. I'm nocturnal by nature and by wearing the Fitbit Versa Lite at night, it uses my heart rate to measure my snooze stages and gives insights on my sleep. Knowing these info can help me improve on my sleeping habits. :)

Other features that I liked on the Versa Lite: easy log of weight and water intake, tracking of sleep quality, set an alarm, understanding menstrual cycle and easy control of music on your phone. :)

VERSA LITE: Php 10, 390 >>>SHOP HERE<<<


When I first used the Inspire HR, I instantly settled to a familiar zone. The look of it reminds me of my old tracker, the ALTA HR. But a lot has changed already with this one. For one, I like that it has a button on the side and it can help me control the tracker much easier.

Also tried this during my Barre Class and it helped tracked my all-day activities. :) You can also change the clock faces of this one and customize the screen based on how you like it for workouts or keeping it polished during office days.

The Inspire HR can also track your heart rate 24/7. It uses the same advanced algorithms and enhanced 24/7 PurePulse heart rate technology as Charge 3, Versa and Ionic to deliver accurate readings during many exercise activities. Our heart is the center of everything, so we need to check up on it! PurePulse is a technology powered by Fitbit to do continuous, automatic heart tracking on your wrist. :) 

BATTERY LIFE? 5 days tops! Amazing, right?

Reaching our goal is really easy. We just need a friendly reminder from time to time and thankfully, Fitbit can be that solid partner! Imagine working out, being able to keep track and having it to cheer you on.

 This comes in 3 colors: Black, White/Black and Lilac. But you can also buy separate accessories, like printed straps, clips or leather for it. :) 

INSPIRE HR: Php 6,290 >>>SHOP HERE<<<

I love that Fitbit also emails me my weekly progress or stats and my best day! :) 

Now, after taking both units for a spin, which would I recommend? Personally, I love both! If you're the type who wants smaller watches or a minimalist look and want something not so bulky to wear during bedtime to track your light, deep or REM sleep cycles, then I highly suggest you go for the Inspire HR. It can even do swim tracking! But if you're more on design, more visual details on your screen, like watch on-screen workouts, and added smart features, I would pick the Versa Lite! Being the latter version, I actually find myself using the Versa Lite more often. :)

My motivation in life to maintain good health is my family. I always want to be there for them for as long as I could and make the most out of our life. So, I'm glad I have more inspiration to keep moving  and to live my best life thanks to Fitbit! ^_^ 

For more information, visit or :)

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