Did the Php 2,100 Grocery Challenge for Shopwise 21Tastic Anniversary!!

by - October 26, 2019

As a mom, I'm all about the best buys, the great deals and where I can get the most value for my money. It's an important thing to be able to save cos we can use the extra money for other things, like utilities, other house related stuff or added savings. That's why I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain! Are you fellow mommas like that too? :)

Recently, I went to Shopwise, Alabang to check out their ongoing promos, which is A LOT! They turned 21 this year and because of that, they're celebrating with a "21Tastic Anniversary Special!". Of course, hearing all this caught this momma attention and knew I couldn't miss it. :)

It was my first time to shop at Shopwise, Alabang and this is actually one of the newly renovated branches of theirs. I personally love my groceries big, clean, well organized and with a lot of fresh choices. Looking at the photos, you can say that I was very pleased with what this branch had to offer! ^_^

So, the main purpose of Asher and I visiting the grocery was, of course to avail the many offers of Shopwise during their Anniversary Sale this whole month of October. It's the perfect time to hoard on essentials and replenish stocks in your fridge! :)

I love grocery shopping and I think it's something I was able to pass down to my kids at an early age cos whenever they hear that we're going to the grocery, it excites them and they look forward to what they can get while we're there.

One of the great deals that Shopwise has from their Anniversary Special is the BUY 1kg GET 500g FREE on their fresh items. If you have a big family or want to have supplies for a while, this is the best deal for you. ^_^

They also have other discounted items around the grocery that you can check out. :) There are so many discounts awaiting you in almost every corner!

The meat area also has the BUY 1kg GET 500g FREE promo! 

If you love Sinigang as much as I do, then this is a sure win! :) They also have these offerings for beef, lamb and chicken.

After checking out the seafood and meat section, I went for the fruits and veggies to see what they had to offer. 

 I'm quite picky when it comes to these things. I always make sure to buy only quality looking produce and may I just commend Shopwise for having the freshest ones. It wasn't difficult to pick out from their pile cos everything was in top state. I was told that every morning they get fresh delivery from Baguio! It's no wonder why they look like that. :)

The veggie and fruit section also has the BUY 1kg GET 500g FREE deal. :) Some of the ones you can get:

♥ BUY 1kg Pechay Wombox GET 500g Strignbeans FREE
 BUY 1kg Onion red GET 500g Tomato FREE
 BUY 1kg Garlic GET 500g Onion white FREE

Aside from that, they have some Best Deals too!

 BUY 6pcs Fuji Apple Get Ya Pear 3pcs FREE
 BUY 4pcs Golden Kiwi Fruit GET 2pcs Green Kiwi fruit FREE
 BUY 6pcs Ponkan Orange GET 3 pcs Fuji apple FREE

When I saw how much amazing deals there were, I decided to do the Php 2,100 Grocery Challenge for the Shopwise 21Tastic Anniversary to see how much I can get for that amount.

A glimpse of what I officially got for only Php 2,100! :) It was a good thing that I had the Shopwise 21Tastic Treats Anniversary Special catalogue cos it made finding the best deals much easier. :) I highly suggest that you get one when you visit!

Since there were so many good deals to pass up, I decided to go for another round the grocery and spotted some things that I needed to 'Add to cart'!

More and more freebies below!

For some reason, I could never escape toy stores cos they follow me everywhere I go, including the grocery haha! But not to worry cos they also have some on sale! Like these Matchbox Basic Assorted Cars that was originally Php 149.75 and is now Php 99! :) 

Found an aisle for our baby Lōla too! 

My favorite Ariel detergent serving up some bundle deals for only Php 155

Don't forget to bring your WISE card to earn points!

In the end, my final bill was around Php 3,800 and I already had two big tote bags by then! :) I'm so glad I was able to take advantage of this sale. Not only did I get more than I expected, but I also got more than my money's worth. :) It was indeed a treat!

There's actually tons more to check out when you're in the store, like a raffle draws! so be sure to check it out and don't miss out on the Shopwise Anniversary Sale! Only until October 31, 2019! :)

I went home a happy momma after this! Did a vlog of this day up on my channel! You can watch it below!

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