The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz: Your fashion remedy!

by - October 18, 2019

In the fashion world, we have so many new styles to look out for and designers to choose from in the market and sometimes we get so confused on which ones to go to or who to trust when it comes to our fashion emergencies. But did you know that, you could now easily consult your fashion woes at The Fashion Hospital? :)

Homegrown Fashion Designer, Kirby Cruz who started his career in the fashion industry in 2012 is the brainchild of two designer brands - The Kirby Cruz and The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz housed in The Fashion Hospital located in Manila.

What exactly is The Fashion Hospital? It’s a 6-story building that is innovatively complex and personally designed by Kirby Cruz himself. Everything you see in the building embodies his flair for fashion, style and aesthetics.

For someone who is only 31 years old, Kirby Cruz’s talent exceeds expectations and skills that will keep surprising clients.

The Fashion Hospital was made in Kirby’s belief that “a fashion designer is a miracle worker” – just like a doctor who cures illnesses. Kirby being the fashion doctor who can customize garments based on client’s needs to give remedy to different “fashion maladies” – such as prominent body structures, or birth marks.

The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz as a brand offers off-the-rack pieces for clients who need versatile wearable regalia and pieces that you can wear in different occasions, any day or everyday.

The beautiful outfits do not only give versatility but also exudes elegance in each design. You can trust that Kirby will provide cure to any client’s fashion dilemma.

Going around the whole building, it was nothing short of amazing. Every little detail was surely thought of and I truly love it when you can see the personal touch of someone in the things they love. :)

The Kirby Cruz brand on the other hand provides personalized custom pieces with a touch of Kirby’s signature designs such as double collars for men’s line, and my favorite, the bold handwritten prints for women.

 On a closer view of the gorgeous dress that Kirby is holding, you would notice a ribbon lining with his name on it and beautiful Baybayin words on it too. A unique touch when it comes to branding his pieces and a great way to show your love for our old ways.

Here are more creatively executed pieces designed by Kirby using his name…

The materials he used spin from different sources – from local Divisoria stalls to global market, you can see Kirby’s eye for unique, artsy prints and texture that help him craft aesthetically tasteful ensembles – an art form in every couture creation.

After seeing floors 1-6 of The Fashion Hospital, I thought I was already mighty impressed with what I saw. But I didn’t expect that the actual fashion show would blow me away! Below are some of my favorites and I’m sure just by looking at them, you would know why.

Each design that came out of that runway was flawless, made me gush and wish that I was going to get married again because the gowns were all stunning!

Along with the applause-worthy fashion show, Kirby topped it off with a jaw-dropping song number and that made me realize even more how incredibly talented he is! Double threat – designer and a singer! Just wow! :)

So, for any consultations, fashion emergencies and fashion remedies, you can now visit the Fashion Hospital cos the doctor is in! ;)

For more information, visit
Kirby Cruz | The Fashion Hospital
1317 Felix Huertas Rd, Santa Cruz, Manila
Instagram: @kirbycruz.official

Artsy Ava

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  1. I love the clothes that you guys chose for your OOTD!!!
    Thank you, Ava!!!


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