Why I love using PayMaya + Promos to avail this November!

by - November 11, 2019

As a mom and a person who loves her career, I can get really busy and I prefer things or ways that can help me get everything done easily. It makes life so much more efficient and I can focus on other important things. Because honestly, this momma can use less time to worry, right? ;)

One of the things that I love and have become very dependent on is PayMaya. It has been my partner for years in many transactions, like paying for travel bookings, subscriptions, bills, online and in-store purchases, load and so much more.

Whether online or offline, I can use it for the things I need. :) Having PayMaya allows me to do cashless transactions without having to purchase a credit card or break the bank. I only load what I need to on my account and I am able to budget properly. It’s my lifesaver since I refuse to have a credit card until this very day. :)

In case you’re not familiar of PayMaya, here’s a quick rundown of how it can help you:

PayMaya is a mobile payment account you can get instantly by downloading the PayMaya app via App Store or Google Play, buying the physical card or signing up via Messenger. By using PayMaya, you can do the following:

·       Shop online & in-store
·       Buy gaming pins
·       Get real-time SMS notification for every transaction
·       Check real-time tracking of transactions
·       Buy prepaid load
·       Send money to banks and other PayMaya accounts
·       Pay bills
·       Pay via QR

To check out PayMaya’s latest promos, you can always visit www.paymaya.com/deals

Amazing, right? ^_^ There’s so many things you can do there that can make your mommy duties easier. Just download the app, link your cards and you’re good to go! ;)

This month, PayMaya gives me even more reasons to be happy because paying bills has never been more easy and rewarding! Yes, you heard that right!

More details on this PAY BILLS PROMO:

·       Earn P100 when you pay your bills (minimum of P1,000) via PayMaya every Fridays and Saturdays on the month of November:
·        November 15 and 16, 2019 (Friday and Saturday)
·       You can earn P300 cashback when you pay three unique bills in full during the promo period.

Rewarding why? Cos when you use your PayMaya to pay for your bills, you get up to P300 cashback! :) I’ve experienced this so many times and it’s legit! I often get surprised for receiving text messages from PayMaya informing me of the cashbacks from my most recent purchases. As a mom, I love how sulit using PayMaya is because now, I can use these cashbacks to pay for other bills or simply treat myself after a long day. :)

Apart from the sulit deals, it’s also the best feeling to pay for your bills without having to go to payment centers and line up. With PayMaya, I can skip the lines and within a few taps on my mobile phone, I’m already done paying for my bills. Now, I can spend more time running important errands or bonding with my kids at home. Easy and convenient! ^_^

Aside from bills, you can also use PayMaya to buy groceries online. :) You get to save time and funds cos of the cashbacks and you can do it anytime, anywhere! Just use your PayMaya virtual or physical card upon check-out and wait for your groceries to be delivered. Saya diba? Mom-life hacks!

But it doesn’t end just there! You can also use it for your shopping needs. Yes, I’m sure I put a smile on your face just by the word ‘shopping’ cos automatically you think, ‘add to cart!’ and ‘discounts!’ haha! Love it! I’m guilty of that too! With PayMaya, shopping can be so much more rewarding!

Using your PayMaya to pay for your purchases online this 11/11 can earn you up to P5,000 worth of savings from your shopping haul! :) What a treat! Here are just some of the cashbacks and discounts you can get:

·      Get 1%, 10%, 100% cashback (max of P500) when you use your PayMaya card to shop online this 11/11. Minimum purchase required is P100.
·      When you spend an accumulated total of P5,000 with your PayMaya card, you earn an additional P250 cashback.
·      Enjoy a 25% discount (maximum of P300) when you redeem the PayMaya voucher in the Lazada app. Minimum purchase required is P1,000
·      Get a 25% discount of up to P2,000 when you spend at least P1,500 in Zalora. Just use the code: PYMYONLINEFEVER
·      Take advantage of a 10% discount of up to P2,000 on all Mondays of November, when you purchase at least P1,000 worth of items at rustans.com

With all these cashbacks and discounts from PayMaya, on top of the already affordable deals this 11/11, you are sure to get the best price for your mommy needs at your favorite online and in-store merchants. It’s raining treats for us!

·       Some of the vouchers you can get in the PayMaya App!*
Now you know why I super love using my PayMaya! ^_^ Not only do I get to save money, but I can manage my time wisely too. J  

Basta mommy duties, don’t pay cash, PayMaya! To get the best value for your money, visit www.paymaya.com/deals!

To get your own PayMaya, be sure to download the PayMaya app, register using the code AVAPAYMAYA, and upgrade your account to instantly get P100 for free! ^_^

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