First Line Friends Store in Manila now open!!♥

by - October 31, 2019

I'm not sure when it began, but for the longest time I've been a fan of Line Friends and when I went to South Korea for the first time three years ago, I made sure that I didn't miss out on visiting their store. Come July 2018, my Mom and I also made our way to Seoul and you guessed it, I also went to as many Line Friends store as I could! >_< But it didn't stop there! When the Hubby and I went to Taiwan last December 2018, I went to the Line Friends World Tour 2019 exhibit in Huashan 1914. :) I made sure I didn't miss out on it!

Sadly, I don't have the luxury to stay in those countries for a long time, so I can't have access to Line Friends merchandise whenever I would like to... or so I thought!! Last October 25, PLAY LINE FRIENDS officially opened their first ever store in Robinson's Place Manila! YEY!!

The Play Line Friends store in Robinson's Place Manila is quite big! I didn't expect it to be that huge and the great thing about it is that, they also have BT21 stuff inside! ^_^ My friends Ana, Ashley and I visited the BT21 store in Robinson's Galleria just last month and cos its been open since February of this year, there weren't really much stuff (characters we wanted in certain items, like keychains) that we wanted left. But we still managed to snag a few things! ;) Hindi papapigil! haha!

You can watch our short store visit above! ^_^

With the new Play Line Friends store, we got dibs during the first day of its opening and in all honesty, we went a little crazy with all the cute stuff we found inside! 

Unlike some stores, Line Friends is very photo-friendly. :) They store staff is very welcoming and won't mind you just snapping away. This is also similar in their stores abroad and I love it!  

Saw one of their staffs with cute BT21 tats on them! Kyeopta!!♥♥♥

If you're not entirely familiar with Line Friends, they're the lovable characters from the popular messaging app called LINE! It's more popular in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. :)

Now, back to the store! :) The opening was really fun. Not only did they have a lot of the new Line Friends and BT21 stuff, but they also had cute balloons ready for the first few people lined up. 

Sharing below some of the cute items we saw inside the store...

When it comes to Line Friends, my favorite character is Brown and Choco. :) My son Athan is obsessed with Sally! That's why we always make sure to get him one as a pasalubong. ♥

They have all kinds of merchandise that you can want. From pillows, plushy, slippers, keychains, bags, jackets, tees, wallets, stickers, stationeries and so much more!

Ashley falling in LINE.. pun intended haha!

Since I love BTS, I also became a fan a BT21, which is a collab between Line Friends and BTS. :) But ironically, my bias in BTS is V and Jung Kook, but in BT21, it's MANG! Haha! I pretty much got as much MANG items that I can during our shopping mode. :) 

Sharing also a few MANG stuff I saw in the store that I didn't get, but wish I did?? Haha...

Everything is so adorable! They even have the baby face version of the BT21 characters! :)

At the launch, they revealed the big Sally figure and it was unexpected! I got so used to seeing Brown as the main figure all the time in Korea and Taiwan stores. But I find it adorable cos our version is Sally! ^_^ I hope to bring my kids here soon, so Athan can have a photo with her! :)

Will also be uploading a haul video on my YouTube Channel soon! ^_^

The Play Line Friends store is now open!! Do visit them at Robinson's Place Manila!

For more information and updates, visit and FB: @PlayLineFriends.♥

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