5 Things to do indoors + things I'm learning in this time of Corona Virus

by - March 15, 2020

It has been a while since my last blog post here. When I normally do a blog post, it's either for work purposes or I try to catch up on my pending travel post. I really missed writing! I can now say that I have more time on my hands to write cos of the recent state we are all in right now a.k.a. COVID-19

I know things haven't been easy for anyone. This is our new normal; being stuck at home, living vicariously through our friends' feed on Instagram or Facebook, living on the edge and constantly having to be cautious of our surroundings or people we do interact with. These are, indeed, tough times. But even so, I still believe in having a community to give us a little sanity with our feed being bombarded with dreadful news day in and day out. For the record, I'm not saying that we should stray away completely from listening to news cos we need it too, that's actually crucial. But what I mean is that we should also take a breather from it with the help of our friends. :)

I personally have a community or my best friends on Messenger and we always check up on each other. We make sure each one is fine, healthy and we also share what we did for the day that doesn't isn't virus related. :) Because of that, I decided to share 5 things that all of us can do while we're all stuck at home, being good citizens practicing community lockdown. :) Let's put this month-long time at home into good use!

1. Read a book

Or books for that matter! I remember saying to my husband before that I don't have time anymore to read books ever since I had kids. Every time I try to pick up a book, I either fall asleep or I never finish it cos of the many things I have to prioritize. As a teen I used to finish one in just a day or two. As a mom, finishing a book is a luxury for me. But now! What a perfect time to catch up on the many books that I missed out on in the past and also bringing out my last Big Bad Wolf Book Sale haul!^_^

2. Movies or Series to watch on Netflix!

Sharing some of the shows I've been watching or watched on Netflix that I love. :) I'm a binge watcher, so mostly on the list, I'm already done, but in case you haven't seen them yet!


Crash Landing On You
Hi Bye Mama
Love Alarm
Rookie Historian
RuPaul's Drag Race
The Witcher
The Good Place
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Ghost Bride
Black Mirror
Love is Blind
Love Death + Robots
Altered Carbon
Locke & Key


The Great Gatsby
Along With The Gods Part 1 & 2
Marriage Story
Tall Girl

I'm clearly a series girl as seen on the list above haha! I also wanted to suggest The Grand Budapest Hotel for the movies, but sadly it's no longer on Netflix. :( Oh well. Hope you, guys enjoy the ones that are still there!

3. Decluttering or Fix Your Stuff

Since the end of last year, my closet has been in a bad state haha! I'm so ashamed to admit this, but sometimes when I get the clean laundry, I don't arrange it anymore, I just chuck it in the closet (folded, of course). I don't have time to hang them one by one cos I easily get tired during the day when I'm out and i'd rather relax. So, today, I decided to sort them all! Though, it still looks congested (my bad, hirap mag let go + I only have one closet for MY clothes! >_<), I'm quite happy that it's already arranged again and most of them hanged! ^_^

Use this time to declutter, arrange or organize the things you've been meaning to for quite some time now! :) It will make you feel good and you're also keeping your house clean. ;)

4. Journaling

Another thing I missed doing during my busy days is journaling! My blogger besties and I used to meet-up for journaling >>CLICK HERE<< and it was one of the most funnest activities we ever did together. Sadly it stopped cos we got busy. I've been wanting to go back to this for a while and since i'll be idle on most days this March, I'm dedicating an hour or two a day for this. :) 

If you're also into arts & crafts but never had the time, pursue it now! :) Bring out those notebooks you've been hoarding, those cute stickers, washi tapes and pens! You can also post your finished work on Instagram or FB! I bet that would be a great way to share with your friends. ^_^

5. Spend more time with the family / Home schooling the kids!

Since the virus has put schools on hold, the kids have been on house arrest for almost a week now. I sometimes find them curled up with their gadgets and I thought to myself that this shouldn't be the answer to their boredom or idleness. I have to do something. So, starting today, we'll be home schooling! Something I thought I could never do. >_< haha! But I must! This is all new to me and the boys. I talked to them that every day, even if it's just an hour, we'll stay away from screen time and do  activities.  I hope this way, I can encourage learning in them while school is out. Simple activities, like coloring, drawing, building blocks is a good way to stimulate their brain. ;)

I'm using this time as well to spend more time with the boys since there's no work, we can reconnect with each other and have more bonding. :)


Today and I don't know until when, we are faced with a great challenge of the Corona Virus. I always get updates on my phone that more people have been infected. We've been instructed to go on community lockdown, malls are closing indefinitely and we have curfews. It feels like a bad dream hearing all of this. But we have to do what's best for our country right now. If staying at home means lessening the chances of getting the virus or spreading, then we should cooperate. Let's not make if difficult for our government by being 'pasaway' and insisting on what we want. 

Let's stop complaining and instead find solutions, if we can. We all want the same thing and that's for the COVID-19 to stop and the only way to do this is to follow the necessary precautions being implemented. Things are hard enough, but I pray things do get better. 

I salute our workers who still have to go to the office or respective jobs at this time and our medical health workers. I can't imagine how hard it is for each and every one of them to show up and do what they can to cure this virus. Especially the ones with families/kids waiting for them at home. Cheering you, guys on! Let us pray for their safety and health.

For now, given the present circumstances, let's also use this time to disseminate important news responsibly, follow government rules imposed on us right now, and let's try to be the light or positive vibes in our friends / loved ones feeds online ~ Even if it's just a simple photo of your artwork or productive thing you did at home. :)

If you want to get accurate updates about Covid-19, you can follow DOH PH COVID-19 on Viber. 

Stay healthy, guys!!

Artsy Ava

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  1. Yeah we all have a lot of time in our hands , I miss writing and this is a great time to create original content and the old school blogging !

  2. agree ,complaining wont help. Thanks for sharing great ideas while on quarantine. Am actually running out of ideas. Updated na ung paglalaba ko and able to declutter noong Taal days pa and nakapag organized na rin ng cabinets na good for days lang kasi nagugulo din ng kids. anddd yes! going back to my old self na nakakaubos ng book sa isang araw!�� I used to tell husband too na di nako nakakatapos or even sa middle ng pagbabasa mula ng nagkaanak ako. Now is the best time. For kids naman, i made sure to set time for them busy wd art materials para less gdgets, even fun activities like scavenger hunt ,freeze dance kasi may moments na nabobored narin sila reading, coloring and drawing huhu. Sana matapos na lahat ng to at back to normal n tayo lahat. Am so excited pa nman at prep at grade 6 sana ang graduating ko .Keep safe Ms Ava.

    1. i feel you Lovell! Grade 6 din anak ko. Just curious though. June to March or Aug to May ba ang school year ng anak mo? Mine kasi Aug to May. They haven't taken their 3rd and 4th Quarter Exams yet. :( What happened to the grading system ng anak mo pala? Thanks!- Kaye

    2. Aww omg same pala tayo may graduating. :( Ang sad no? But let's just think na at least safe tayo lahat and healthy! :)

  3. Hi Ava! Love your ideas during this period of isolation. I'm itching to do the DIY Sand Art.;) More power! - Kaye of https://timelessconfection.com/

    1. Thank you for your comments, Kaye! hope you, guys are keeping safe! :)

  4. The COVID-19 pandemic brought us to a situation where we’re left with no choice but to survive. Everyone around the globe felt how this pandemic changed the economy and how it affected the world’s daily activities.


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