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by - June 23, 2020

When lockdown happened, I remember missing a lot of things and one of those is shopping and awaiting new collections from Uniqlo. I'm sure people who love the brand as much as I do did too! But now they're back to serve everyone again and I actually visited their stores in MoA and Glorietta (along with our grocery run) recently wearing some of my old faves...

These are from their old collection but still remain in my closet cos I can always find myself using them over and over again. Love their basics! 

The point of this post is actually me, wanting to share their two latest collections! ^_^ Sharing is caring a.k.a. damay damay na toh.. haha! >_<


Summer is still here and doesn't seem to want to leave! So, wearing cool outfits like shorts is the way to go. Shorts are the quintessential staple for a tropical country, especially for keeping cool and stylish at the same time. 

The Uniqlo Shorts Collections is made to fit every wardrobe and any occasion. They provide the right cut and color, giving all day comfort. They're also made with high quality fabric to accommodate every lifestyle.

above are some of the new styles that they have in stores: Women's Satin Shorts, Women's Mid Rise Denim Shorts, Men's Kando Shorts, Men's Nylon Active Shorts and Men's Stretch Slim Fit Shorts.


Another cute collection added in the UT is the first collaboration between UT and monpoké, Pokémon's official baby brand.

The Pokémon UT items for adults and kids feature motifs of particularly popular characters, while the monpoké UT items for babies feature softly colored designs, allowing entire families to coordinate their looks. 

Pokémon collection availability: Uniqlo Stores nationwide

♥ Women's T-shirts - Php 790
♥ Men's T-Shirts - Php 790
♥ Kids' T-Shirts - Php 390
♥ Kids' Steteco - Php 390

Monpoké collection availability: Selected Uniqlo stores only

♥ Baby T-shirts - Php 390

For more information and updates, visit: Uniqlo PH on Facebook. 

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