Quarantine Life Update!

by - July 18, 2020

This blog is alive! Haha! Promise! I can't believe that it took me this long to write again. I've been so active on Instagram that sometimes I forget I have a blog to update as well. Haha! >_< But I really do love my blog and I actually wish I put more effort and time to it. 

Anyhoo! We've officially been on quarantine for 4 months now. Though this July, the Philippine government became slightly lenient and placed Metro Manila on General Community Quarantine (GCQ), meaning malls are now open, some stores are also allowed to operate and quarantine passes are no longer needed. We still have to be extra careful cos COVID-19 hasn't really subsided. In fact, we have a high number of cases. So yes, it may be GCQ, but our guards shouldn't be down. For now, we only go out for essential runs, like grocery or errands. Other than that, we stay at home.

Sharing updates on our quarantine life lately for May to July. :)


Another ECQ birthday that we celebrated was the 12th birthday of my eldest son Athan. :) I knew this would be very different for him since we always did celebrate his birthdays outside. We would be picking out his favorite restaurant, dining there and getting him a gift he's been wanting. But since it was still ECQ during that time, we had limit resources and can't go out. So, I decided to make a 'Cinema' theme, so he'd still somehow feel that the day was special. We also ordered from his fave pizza place, put on a movie he would love to watch and wrapped up a temporary gift.

Nothing fancy. But we knew this day was a happy one for him cos we managed to make it special for him. :) So, if you're also celebrating at home, Pinterest, food deliveries and crafting is your best friend haha! ^_^ These will still make an awesome party!


Animal Crossing....

This quarantine, I finally gave in and started playing Animal Crossing! You, see, I'm not a gamer. The last time I ever got interested in a gaming console was Game Boy Colored. After that, it just wasn't my thing anymore. Plus, I never really had time. But when lockdown began for a lot of countries, I've heard about it a lot and even non-gamer peeps are also playing. So, I told the hubby about it and since the kids weren't playing with the Switch we got them last Christmas, I decided to borrow it for ACNH. ^_^ Now, I'm obsessed haha! I'm glad I also have close friends who are playing and even if I don't get to see them in person, Animal Crossing makes it possible to still bond with them. :)

I've been so hooked on this! Planning to share more of my progress and ONLY ACNH related stuff on a separate post, so abangannnnn! =P

13th Anniversary...

Another occasion that we normally spend dining out was also celebrated in quarantine! It was our 13th Anniversary as a couple. We actually put more weight on this than our marriage day. >_< For our anniversary, we spent it doing the most mundane thing - grocery shopping! But I didn't mind at all. Doing the ordinary things with the Hubby is something I love and it proved to me all the more this quarantine that I am stuck with the right person cos I don't mind having him beside me 24/7. :)

Work area improvement...

One thing that I've put off for so long was fixing my work area. Pre-quarantine, I was already wanting to put up artworks or things that inspire me up on my wall but never got the time or push that I needed to move forward. Now that I do, this is the outcome! Put some decals and decorated my table a bit with cute stuff. :) Hopefully this can really inspire me more!

I share where I got some of the items on my desk on a separate 'haul' post!

Food is love....

Quarantine made me crave for food a lot! I'm thankful that there have been plenty of local sellers online and even restaurants delivering food, so I don't have to step out just to satisfy cravings. :)

Below are some of the ones i've tried and loved. :)

The Figaro Group is something we're all familiar with. We always see their coffee shops in malls and I know we missed them too! But no longer! They're now taking in online orders to be delivered straight to your doorstep! ^_^ Just visit their website and pick delicious meals from Figaro Coffee, Angel's Pizza and even Tien Ma! :)

They even have those rice meals above for only Php 100! Would you believe?? Affordable and yummy!

Do checkout their site for more info. :)

I badly miss puto! I remember my childhood when my grandpa would buy from the palengke and I would be so happy. :) I'm glad I saw Decena Puto on Instagram and without hesitation I immediately placed my order. ^_^ One bag of mixed puto is just Php 50. Very affordable and it's good too! Fresh!

Another quarantine craving is Elote a.k.a. Mexican corn! This is super good and they're from Good Carbs MNL. :) A yummy discovery on Instagram (kaya i keep forgetting to blog haha! dami IG finds!) and just the site of their menu already made me drool haha! This is their TRES ELOTES and priced at Php 400 for 3 pieces. :) I recommend this! I love the combination of salty, sweet and creamy! I actually wanna order again for our next merienda haha!

One thing that I missed SO much during lockdown was taho. Since our usual Mang tataho can't come by, I couldn't satisfy my cravings for it. :( Fortunately Soy Yummy is available for deliveries too! YASSSS! I used to order from them directly via their bio link on Instagram. But recently I saw that they're available on Food Panda as well. :) I went with their chilled taho and so happy!

Next up is the famous quarantine dish - Sushi bake! I ordered from Meatsumo for Php 480 and super worth it! The hubby and I were so full from this and craving it again! >_< Their sushi bake has the right amount of rice, kani, mayo, mango and the taste is just right! Hindi nakakaumay!

Last but not the least are Taco Kits from El Bonino! :) If you miss tacos then you would love this! One kit is Php 250 and can make 5 tacos! :) It's good, filling... Got 2 kits for the family and was so full na after! :) 

Artsy Home Content...

One thing that kept me sane and creative was doing artsy content on Instagram. I experimented with a couple and these are some that I came up with. :) I had fun doing each of them and made me feel happy to be doing content again. :)



Another thing I kept myself busy with these past months is creating phone wallpapers and Instagram filters! :) At first it was challenging, but eventually after studying tutorials I finally got it. :) I currently have 6 IG filters that you can try! I make wallpapers monthly! In case you like any of the designs above, you can visit my Instagram highlights to save them: https://www.instagram.com/artsyava/. :)


I revived my love for beads this quarantine too! I used to make accessories as a kid and I remember it being a trend during the 90s. But eventually gadgets took over and no longer found the energy to work on them. But I super missed it, so here I am again! Plus with a new craft I learned - rainbow macrame! Yey! Planning to have these up on my shop as soon as I manage to make more. :) Stay tuned!

Also worked on embroidery with an old pair of jeans. :) Thought a touch of daisy would be nice on my usual errand pants hihi!

Minor hauls...

Just a few of my hauls during ECQ haha! Something that helped support my hobbies haha! My #SalamatShopee moment! Except for the sticker which I got from https://www.instagram.com/hepyeahstickers/. :) I started decluttering through Shopee and every time I earn through my buyers, I use it also to shop for the things I like. Win-win haha! Let me know if you want me link any of these! ^_^

Plant mom...

One thing I never thought I'd give a chance to again is being a plant mom. I don't have a green thumb and seems like I always kill a plant given to me. :((( So I stopped. But lately, I decided to give it a go again and thankfully I found Nest Plant Studio. :) 

Prior to this I actually had a rubber plant that I got from a different shop but it sadly died. The moment I got it, I noticed that it had a hole in one of the leaves, one leaf came off + when I kept asking the owner to send me care instructions cos I'm very new to this, she would always say she would, but never did. Got tired asking na din. :(  It made me wanna give up all the more. But thankfully, Nest Plant Studio showed me that with the right shop, everything will be good! The moment these arrived, I can already tell they were really nice, quality cactuses and the delivery handling was well too! Plus, I was also messaged on how to take care of them even without asking. Now, that is real concern for people who get your plants.  :) If you're a first time plant momma like me, you can definitely trust NPS!

Mask OOTDS...

Since grocery and errands are the only time I get to dress up, I decided to match them with the masks that I also wear. :)

This day was stressful for us cos it's the first time in 3 months that we took out Asher. But him going out was essential cos in the middle of this pandemic, one of his teeth was hurting him so badly, to the point that he was already crying and couldn't eat. So, we made the decision for his health to take him to the dentist (which was postponed due to ECQ). We made sure that he was in full gear, like mask, face shield and I made sure he didn't touch anything while we were out. After his appointment, we took him home immediately. 
I didn't realize that all of my outfit above was from Uniqlo haha! Favorite! haha!

So, that's my quarantine life update for now! :) Till the next! Hopefully, I can do the ACNH post soon + Quarantine hauls haha!

Stay safe, guys!!!

Artsy Ava

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