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Being a parent means that you have many roles in life. You’re the provider, the first teacher they have, the playmate, best friend, role model, the confidant, and the biggest supporter they’ll ever have. :) As moms, we fill them with love and provide a nurturing environment for them. We nurture our kids not just by providing their basic needs, but also by having a good relationship or strong bond. 

With nurturing, I am a firm believer in making sure that we should always make time for our children. Being fully present no matter how busy our schedules can get will help promote healthy growth in them, mentally and emotionally, in the long run.

Ever since Asher was a baby, I would always make sure we do something fun every weekend as a family. On normal days, I play games with him, read books to him, and do arts and crafts. As a 7-year-old now, his love for the arts grew even more, and I’m happy to see that. Every day, he would draw something for his Dad and I and he beams with happiness every time he shows it to us. He even has stories to go with the drawings. ^_^ This alone makes me feel that we are able to nurture positive self-esteem in him and in turn makes him explore his creativity further. :)

Recently, I got this #NurtureTheGift Photobook from Promil Four that documents Asher’s growth, skills, achievements, and development. Browsing through it amazes me because I can see his creativity, curiosity, confidence, and enjoyment in the things he did. 

This #NurtureTheGift Photobook is also a great reminder to further nurture his gift by encouraging his current passion (his love for drawing), sparking up new interests/hobbies, and doing things together as a family to help him thrive. :) Because truly, time is the best gift we can ever give our children while they are growing up.

To my fellow Promil Four Mommas, you, too, can get a FREE #NurtureTheGift!


  1. To join the Promo, eligible participants must register on the Promil Four website. Take and complete the Promil Four Spot The Gift test. (Only parents/guardians with children 3 years old and above are allowed to register and take the Promil Four Spot The Gift test and join the promo).
  1. Participants must purchase Php 3,500 worth of Promil Four 1.8kg from any select Robinsons Supermarket Branches Metro Manila during the Promo Period. 
You can also get a free #NurtureTheGift Photobook by checking out the mechanics at or you may also visit Promil Four website to register :)

Always remember, each child is unique and has their own talents or gifts. What they need the most is a good support system, unconditional love, and encouragement to shine. ☺ 

Artsy Ava

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