Lactezin for acne breakouts

by - September 08, 2020

When I was in high school, I remember how I would have all these crazy teen problems, but acne breakout wasn’t one of them. I would normally get one pimple or two during that time of the month, but that was it. I was even happy that the only thing I needed to do as a skincare regimen was to wash my face.

Fast forward to my 30s, I am more acne prone than ever. If I just stay under the sun too long, sweat too much, stay up late or eat a lot of oily food, my forehead would have an acne breakout. At first I was puzzled why this is happening to my skinsince it wasn’t like during puberty, a time wherein you’re very acne prone. But, I’m guessing, it’s all due to the stress of today and the environment we have now. It’s fortunate that I’ve managed to control it lately with the help of a good skincare routine and drinking Lactezin

What is Lactezin, you may ask?

Lactezin is a clinically tested over-the-counter drug, which uses a natural antibacterial active ingredient Lactoferrin combined with Vitamin E and Zinc to help lessen pimples and give clear skin in as early as 2 weeks when taken 2x daily.

The ingredients found  in Lactezin has antibacterial properties and antioxidant that can help protect and rejuvenate your skin. 

For me, having acne breakout is really difficult because it not only affects my confidence but also my work. That’s why I’ve added Lactezin along with my usual supplements, so that I don’t have to worry about pimples.

So far after drinking Lactezin, I haven’t encountered any new breakouts on my face. J

I’m sure you’re also curious about this so, i’ll put some FAQs below that I read up on their website:

·      What age can you start taking Lactezin?
                                               -  Can start as early as 13 

·      What to do when pimples come out when I take Lactezin

Continue taking 2 capsules daily as instructed to address mild to moderate acne

·      Can pregnant women or breastfeeding moms take Lactezin?

-       Yes since Lactoferrin can be found in human breast milk while Vitamin E and Zinc are naturally present in various food

·      How should Lactezin be taken?

Recommended to take 1 capsule, twice a day (one in the morning and one at night).  Preferably 8-14 hours apart. Usually takes two weeks to see results

But as a general reminder, Lactezin still recommends that you consult your doctor first before taking any medicine, including vitamins. J

Aside from Lactezin, also remember to get enough sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthy to maintain healthy looking skin!

Lactezin is only Php 27/capsule and is available in leading drugstores nationwide!

For more information, visit 

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