Animal Crossing New Horizon Collection: Artsy Shore Crossing

by - September 26, 2020

This quarantine has made me spark up a lot of old hobbies and develop new interests. One of which is the ever so popular game on Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first time I ever heard of this game was sometime in March. But in all honesty, I haven't been interested in computer games for a very loooong time. The last was probably the Game Boy Colored and after that, I pretty much was occupied with journaling and non-gamer stuff haha. =P Hence, I didn't jump the bandwagon immediately. But come April, I started getting curious cos 90% of the time, my feed would have majority of my friends updating about their island, the designs they've made and remarks on how crazy fun the game is. The problem during this time for me was that we were on strict lockdown and all stores in the mall was closed, so I couldn't get my hands on the physical game. I know there was a digital version of it but the Hubby and I just found it too pricey. So, we both waited and when June arrived, he got ACNH for me as an anniversary gift.

When I first started playing ACNH, I swear, I got so hooked and because you're playing online, you get to visit the island of your friends and vise versa. Even if I haven't seen some of my friends in person for almost 7 months, being able to play this game makes me feel like somehow I can see and bond with them still - if you get what I mean? And I don't know about some people who have played this game, but super nakaka- good vibes siya. It helps me relax and ease my mind with all the stressful things we have to deal with in this pandemic and all the bad news going on this 2020.

Its been 3 months already since I discovered the wonderful world of Animal Crossing and with that, I wanna share with you some of the minor progress on my island. :) I stopped playing for a while, so my island design is not 100% done yet. But these are some of the designs I managed to work on and feel happy about. ^_^

Welcome to ARTSY SHORE CROSSING - My island's name hihi!

My entrance! :) This was the part that I got excited for when I finally had to chance to terraform. 

This is the exterior part of my house that I only managed to fully fix on my second month of playing. I was so puzzled on how I wanted the outside of my house to look like because I've been seeing a lot of nice inspirations. But eventually I settled with this and I couldn't be happier. :) I love it!

The interior of my house! :) Currently I have 5 rooms cos I still haven't finished paying Tom Nook my loan hahaha! I can't wait to get the last room so I can turn it into my 'work/office' space. :)

My museum! :) Something that also took a lot of planning and terraforming. I think I transferred the location of this building the most? Around 4x haha!

BTW, I super love the museum cos when you donate bugs, artwork or fishes that you get in the game, they have interesting facts about each and you actually learn something! ^_^

This outdoor library was inspired by a fellow crosser (my bad I couldn't find the name) and I just tweaked it a little to my liking. :)

My orchard! :) One of the first few achievements for me when I started playing.  My island's fruit is orange, so it's the first one you'll see here. :) I also made a mini farm on the side. 

This particular area is where all my villagers are. :) I decided to put all their houses in one area and I managed to work on the area a bit to make it nicer for them. :) Though this is not the final look yet. :)

My flower garden! :) One of my original projects when I started playing and I didn't bother changing this anymore. I think only twice? After that, I just stuck with it. :) Though, I also have A LOT of flowers at the back of my Resident Service building haha. 

My island's OG flower is Cosmos. :)

My mini Disneyland: Snow White and Alice in Wonderland! ^_^ Also inspired by fellow crossers and tweaked it again to my liking. :) I also have a Frozen and Little Mermaid side, but decided not to show it anymore cos it's just so tiny and I'm thinking of taking those two out soon. :)

Some random highlights on Artsy Shore!

My first ever fireworks celebration on the island! My friends and I were super excited for this. :) I also made my own fireworks design - rainbow!

My favorite designs when I started playing was this beach side and again, orchard! :) Back when it was still snowing! :)

One of my last photos of winter on my island. :) I'm on the South Hemisphere, so when I initially started, I was on winter mode while all my friends were on the North Hemisphere - summer! haha.. I always go to their islands cos they have better fishes and bugs. >_<

Made my very own design for clothes and it's milk tea themed! :) I was so surprised to see my favorite villager Marina wearing it when I visited her, so I had to get a photo! :)

My first month of playing, I mimicked the outfit of my ACNH character and this was the look...

And since I got really obsessed with this game and being the merchandise girl that I am, I just had to have a collection haha. :) Sharing here my Animal Crossing fan merch collection. :)

♥ Pink Fossil and Personalized Amiibo

I got this cute pink fossil from Printed Mods on Shopee and using this currently to keep my cute amiibos from LunaTech - I super love this shop cos they were able to incorporate my drawings as backgrounds on the amiibos. :)

Villager keychains

From two of my favorite local shops on Instagram is Wanderlust by Janine Kaye and Handmade By Kat. :) They both always make the cutest and best quality character keychains for me. :) Also, support local!

Did I mention, I collect keychains? I have a wide collection of them hihi. :)

I got Coco and DaisyMae from The Baby Blue Bunny while the felt one on the right is from Shop All You Want. :)

If you're super hooked on ACNH, I think having a case/s is just but right haha! These cute ones are from Case Campus. They also carry other characters. :)

The cute stickers I got from Dolly Kaye Art and Saidie and Me. :) Planning to stick these on my notebooks or maybe the case of our Switch. :)

And lastly, this photo showing my favorite villager - Marina! ^_^ She's super cute!

If you managed to reach this part of my entry - YEY! Thank you! 


Giving away a MARINA stuffed toy to one loyal reader of mine. :)


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Giveaway ends on October 10, 2020!

My current favorite case from Koffer. :) She's such an amazing artist cos she was able to recreate my character's photo with Marina. :) Too cute!

Last but not the least are these cute cookies from Kawaii Kookies. :) When you order from them, a portion of the proceeds go to WE FOR JEEPNEY to help local jeepney drivers who have lost their jobs. A very win-win thing, if you ask me cos you get adorable cookies and at the same time helping out. :)

I made wallpapers too! :) Cute Zucker and Marina. :) Feel free to use them! Hope you can tag me @artsyava when you do! ^_^

That ends my Animal Crossing New Horizon posts! :) Hope you guys liked it and hopefully I can also share more of the things that got me hooked this quarantine. :) 

What about you? What interests or new hobbies have you taken up in these past months? :)

Artsy Ava

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  1. ang cutie Miss Ava 😍😍😍😍

  2. Artsy Shore is beautiful! Love playing with you!! ^_^


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