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by - October 05, 2020

As someone who has lived in a rented home all her life (31 years to be exact), I've always wondered what it would be like to search for a home for my family someday. Though I've heard of the many struggles and challenges of friends and other people, I still have many questions in mind and the lingering one I always have is, "Where do I start looking?" There are a lot of agents in the market yet the worrisome person in me  doesn't who to trust or tends to find searching quite tedious. You never really know what to expect.

The other day, I attended the online event of Ohmyhome and thankfully, I think I found the answer to my question and with this post, I hope it can also help all your real estate queries. :) 

I'm sure the first question you have in mind with this is, what is Ohmyhome exactly?

"Moving forward, we will continue our journey towards making Ohmyhome a global player in taking care of everyone's housing journey starting with the buy, sell, and rent of homes to every step after including the renovation and maintenance of their homes. With the DIY platform, our objective is simple. By enabling property owners to take control of their own homes, they save time and money. And once a property is posted, our algorithm will match them with the buyers, so the more popular our platform, the more magic it does." - Rhonda and Race Wong

Ohmyhome is the brainchild of sisters Rhonda Wong and Race Wong and originally launched in Singapore in 2016 and expanded into Malaysia in 2019. It's also Singapore's (leading PropTech startup) first one-stop-shop online platform that makes use of technology and innovation to make buying, selling, and renting homes seamless and more efficient. This 2020, they kick off their operation in the Philippines.

Fun fact, Race Wong was actually a popular singer and actress in Hong Kong but gave it up to focus on the future of Ohmyhome.

We all know the hassles of finding a home. The many things we think of, like safety,   and the factor of who to trust with our hard earned money nowadays. We want to be cautious and get the best value for it. One of the ways that they make real estate transactions simpler and faster is by eliminating dummy and duplicate listings on the platform to help accelerate the search process. They can even do virtual home tours for you if you can't leave your house or want to save yourself the trip. :)

To date, they continue to provide an estimate of 2,000 housing transactions per month. The platform also garnered 300,000 application downloads, over 175,000 active users and 15,000 unique listings of real estate properties. They've also attained a satisfaction rate of over 99% in SG and Malaysia markets.

If you want to look at properties in Singapore and Malaysia, they can also help you with that! Not just in the Philippines. :)

Since we're all on our phones lately, you'll be happy to know that Ohmyhome is so easy to use! Just download it on GooglePlay and the App Store. :)

With Ohmyhome,  you enjoy the following: 

  • They help you in properties but also takes care of you in the entire transaction journey - from search, deal-closing, and all the way through to legal documentation and mortgage advisory. They'll be there. 
  •  Ohmyhome is that it's absolutely FREE to use! :) It does not charge customers for listing and for connecting them to buyers or sellers. It does not even charge a free for successful transactions. 
  • Clients can choose whether to do it themselves though the DIY option - this is FREE and accessible to all customers. Home buyers and sellers will be able to manage transactions on their own and connect directly with interested sellers and buyers.  
  • You can also opt to engage an experienced in-house agent who can evaluate their needs - this includes market research on estimated valuation, powerful database matching potential buyers, hosting property viewings, documentation and more.
  • Consumers can search through unique listings and access services that can get the job done three times faster 

With Ohmyhome, things are simpler, you avoid stress, unnecessary delays, botched deals, and you will be well taken care of. :) 

For more information, visit https://ohmyhome.com/en-ph

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