Colgate Slimsoft Advanced Uplifting Collection on Shopee!

by - June 01, 2021

It's nothing new that as a blogger, I often receive PR kits or packages as gifts, so I can try out new products that will be available in the market and I really appreciate it whenever they make it as creative as possible because that makes receiving it twice as fun. :) 

Speaking of packages, I recently got the Colgate Slimsoft Advanced Uplifting collection and it is the coolest! Let me share with you why!

Inside this Colgate kit is not just your typical toothbrush because it also has a cool board game that you and your family can play! Plus, it's the kind that lets you embrace your personality with its fun theme!

The new Colgate Slimsoft Advanced Uplifting collection is specially designed for Gen Z with its playful packaging and even comes with inspiring lines like...

 CHOOSE HAPPY - to encourage you to bring out your inner optimist
♥ BE ALL IN - to encourage you to bring out your inner achiever 
♥ FIND YOUR TRIBE - to encourage you to bring out your inner best friend and energize your tribe with positive vibes
♥ EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD - to encourage you to bring out your inner creative and be your authentic self

The brushes also have stylish and colorful handles that will surely brighten your day and bathroom!

The Colgate Slimsoft Advanced Uplifting brushes has an innovative dual-core soft bristles and ultra soft slim tips that gently reach 7x deeper below the gum line and clean 2.4x deeper in between teeth for superior plaque removal.

So, which one is your favorite? Brush your way to these unique designs!

These are also exclusively available on Shopee, so avail them now >>>HERE<<<! :)

Artsy Ava

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  1. Choose Happy and Embrace your weird. These are cute. Tapos may board game pa to have more quality yime with the fam. ☺️

  2. Quality toothbrush ang soft pa ng bristle


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