BTS Pop-up store: Map of the Soul in Manila with my Chingus!

by - June 01, 2021

The start of June couldn't be any better as today was spent with my favorite people at a place that we all equally love and have been so excited about since May. :) That is of course none other than a visit to the BTS Pop-up store: Map of the Soul in Megamall! ^_^

Firstly, this wouldn't have been possible without our Bessy Anagon's big help when it came to booking. :) She was able to register all 5 of us for June 1 and we were only lucky that the site had a glitch that's why that happened. We honestly didn't know that you can only register one person at a time. After the glitch got fixed, I know you can now only strictly do a (1) person registration per date. Since the organizer morningKall acknowledges the mistake on their end, they allowed the ones that were able to do the multiple ones just pass. :) YEY! Thank you so much, Bessy Anagon for making this day possible for us!

The BTS Pop-up store: Map of the Soul is happening in different parts of Asia, like Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, and so happy that Manila is one of the countries on their list for this showcase.

For people who were able to register, you have to be at the venue 15 minutes before your chosen time slot. As for us, that was 2:00 PM and you get 30 minutes inside the store for photo-ops, shopping and 15 minutes to line up for payment. :) If you weren't able to register yet, walk-ins are also accepted daily but only 60 people will be allowed per day. :) Seeing the line earlier, it wasn't so bad but I think you just have to be there extra early, so you can secure your ticket stub as one of the 60. 

With Paul, Pax, Ashley and Ana :)

We got to the venue pretty early and when 2:00PM finally struck, we were fetched by the staff and each of us was given a shopping basket that had a MOTS post card and slap bracelet as freebie. :)

The moment we got in, I already spotted my favorite photo-op corner from Dynamite and immediately asked the Chingus if they can take my photos haha.. todo avail! >_<

These are the 4 areas you can do cute photos at: Disco, Wings, Bring the Pain cage and TinyTAN sign. :) My personal favorite was Disco, so I kept coming back to it and even did a walking video, which you probably saw on my social media, if you follow me. =P

Of course, now we move on to the merchandise! If you're the type who loves seeing things in person before buying them, then this is the perfect time! :) We can see stuff they usually sell on WeVerse or online shops abroad here inside the pop-up! They have TinyTAN, Black Swan, DNA, and ON merch available!

TinyTAN plush merch price range: Php 680- Php 1020

Photo from Ana / Ashley and I picking out our biases hihi 

The product range of the pop-up is very wide. They have stationeries, clothes, posters, house items, plush, and more. One way or another, you're bound to find something you'll fancy. But admittedly, the prices of the items are quite on the expensive side, it's still nice to buy even a small souvenir hihi! I actually thought I was only gonna end up with one item...but, I got 3 hihi! Still within the budget I gave myself, so I'm proud of that haha! Hindi tayo nag pa budol.... masyado. =P

Photo from Pax 

They have pens for only Php 280-400 and stickers for Php 510 if you're really on a strict budget. :)

Photo from Pax/ Happy ARMY chingus!

And this is my humble hall that pretty much screams who my bias is! hehehe. 

For payments, they accept cash, debit card, credit card, GCASH, and PayMaya. :)

Overall, the experience was super fun! I guess I enjoyed it a lot because I was with my friends and just being able to have anything BTS is already a happy event! Oh and also, everything was very organized, so we felt pretty safe and at exactly 2:45PM we were already out of the store. :)

The BTS Pop-up store will be in Manila until August 29, 2021 so be sure to visit while you can!

For more information, like when is the next registration or updates, visit: :)

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  1. Wow. I wanna go. 😍 I also love BTS but not a super fan. Love their songs and their dancing skills. Super cute naman ng store na yan. Hope I can visit it soon. Or magopen sila near South

  2. Ang saya talaga! :) Til next bessy!!!


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