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by - August 28, 2021

While the Philippines keeps going back and forth with ECQ, MECQ and GCQ, I'm trying my best to keep sane in our little bubble here at home. So, I'm really thankful that there are online deliveries to keep us safe and of course to save my sanity is a bit of online shopping to make staying indoors more bearable.

Sharing some of my favorite Shopee finds with you, guys. Especially that 9.9 is coming up! You might like something. ;) 

When it comes to achieving an aesthetically pleasing work area, it's no longer considered difficult given the many cute affordable decors and items that Shopee offers on their app. :) You can find so many kinds of designs or styles, so whether you're Team Puti, Team Kahoy or Team Colorful, there's something for you.. all you have to do is just search! :) Personally, given our house setup right now, it's too crowded already, so I can't really decorate much in our living room and dining area. That's why I just focused on what I can touch at the moment, which is my own workspace/ desk area. :)

This was actually my 2020 quarantine project (CLICK HERE to see). To make my work area more personalized and lively, so I sticked a few of my favorite photos and artworks on my wall and this year, I got myself cute accessories to add more fun to it. ^_^ 

Some of my Shopee Finds on my desk that you might find interesting...

πŸ’œ Stanley + Starbucks Tumbler

πŸ’œ Mofii Candy Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

πŸ’œ Rainbow LED Night Light

πŸ’œ Acrylic Flower Vase

In case there's something else on my desk that you're interested in and I wasn't able to link it up, just drop me a comment below or DM me on Instagram! :) 

Next up, since finding out I was pregnant last year and to finally having the baby this year, we've been buying a lot of Moon's clothes or needs via Shopee as well. One of my fave buys is her swaddles a.k.a. sleep sack. It's not the branded ones you usually spot but it does the job of keeping her cozy and she sleeps better with it at night. :)

We actually got her three of these already. :) Definitely one of our best buys!

πŸ’œ Newborn Sleeping Swaddleღ♛ღNewborn-Baby-Cute-Zipper-Sleeping-Swaddle-Muslin-Wrap-i.42468110.2659401497?position=1

Since staying at home 24/7 is something we all have to do now, I got myself a cute new pair of jammies that I've been wanting for a while now. It's this cute purple gingham print...

I super love the print and it's comfy too! I got a size medium. But if you want something more loose and baggy-looking, I recommend to size up. :) I wish I did! >_< 

πŸ’œ Fashion Pajama For Women

Never did I think I would revive my love for Crocs again. The last time I wore Crocs was back in College. But since the pandemic happened, I found myself lured to it because of how easy it is to clean them and also because of the cute Jibbitz you can decorate it with - okay, maybe it's really the Jibbitz that lured me.😝

There are so many cute and affordable Jibbitz on Shopee that you also can't help but want to get a few. :) Their quality is quite good, so no worries about them easily breaking. Our baby Moon is still a bit small to wear Crocs but I already got her very first pair and inserted Jibbitz on them, so we can match. :)

Below is the Shop where I got some of my Jibbitz. As for the Crocs, I got it from the Crocs store at the mall before. :)

πŸ’œ Jibbitz

Lately, I've been so obsessed with flower prints. I call it my 'flower frenzy' phase. I don't really know what sparked it up. All I know is I find the Le Golf kinda style of flowers or daisies cute. So I got this nice Daisy pillow and tulip banner.

πŸ’œ Flower Sofa Cushion Pillow

πŸ’œ Nordic Tapestry

When it comes to my gadgets, I'm very protective. I make sure they always have a case and at the same time I like them to be cute. :) 

I recently got this cool Apple Watch standing dock or charging holder in a Gameboy design. My watch can be placed here when I don't use it and I can also check the time while it's charging. 

πŸ’œ Retro Handheld Game Console Design Smart Watch Charging Holder

I love customizing my stuff and my phone cases are no exception. :) Got to turn my artworks into my phone case as well and love the quality of these and remind me of Wild Flower cases. 

πŸ’œ Customized Phone Case

Since going to salons isn't an option right now and I miss having my nails done, I decided to do it myself. But having a baby to carry all day can make it almost impossible to work on my manicure. That's why I'm glad I found this super fast drying polish that works really well for my lifestyle right now. :)

It's definitely no Zoya or Orly and can chip if you're the type who uses her hands a lot in working. But it does the job for me. :) Especially when I top the violet polish with the glitter one, it tends to last longer. :)

πŸ’œ Quick Dry Polish*2ml-i.64008113.2962350434?position=0

Now moving on to hobbies, I've always loved BT21 and Shopee is just filled with official and unofficial merch, so I love browsing there. It's good too if you're on a budget and don't want to splurge so much on the expensive ones. :)

You can find a lot from these two stores...

πŸ’œ BT21 Plush

πŸ’œ BT21 Soap 

Last but not the least is something i've always wanted to try again is using an analogue camera. :) I miss shooting with a film camera.. the thrill of not knowing how your photos will turn up. But you just keep taking photos anyway. 😁 I got the Kodak M35 and so far, I still haven't developed my first film yet cos I still have a few shots left. It takes time to finish since we're just always at home.. not much to take photos of. πŸ’

There are six colors but I chose the purple one. :) Then I just decorated it with a lot of stickers for that personal touch!

πŸ’œ Kodak M35

That's it! I hope you, guys enjoyed this list! How about you? What's in your cart for Shopee 9.9??πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

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