Family trip to Angel Fields Tagaytay

by - November 22, 2021

Ever since COVID-19 happened and strict lockdowns have been imposed and then lifted, the Hubby and I have always opted to keep the kids safely at home. For two years, we trusted our instincts as parents in not letting them out. We're also lucky that the kids have been so good to us and don't complain about being cooped up at home. We try our very best to keep them entertained and plan activities to lessen the boredom. But as parents, we know that being able to spend time outside is still something that kids would prefer. 

Finally, after two years and much considerations, consulting mom friends, and often checking the 'PWEDE BATA' group on Facebook, the husband and I took the kids somewhere other than their grandparents' house (this was actually already a major breather for them) and the drive-thru. We recently took them to Angel Fields Nature Sanctuary in Tagaytay. :)

Even if kids have been deemed alright to visit malls, the husband and I are still not comfortable taking them to enclosed places, so visiting a really large open one like Angel Fields is just perfect. :) We took them last November 13 and I believe it was a 2 hour drive for us. There was minimal traffic as well but all in all, a smooth trip. :) We left our house around 10:30am, did some gas route and got to Tagaytay around 1:00PM. :)

One of the reasons why we also picked Angel Fields is that, they allow pets. We almost never get to bring our dog Lōla to staycations before or zoo trips because usually establishments don't allow her. So, when we found out that we can bring her, of course, we were beyond ecstatic. Our family can go out complete! Just make sure you follow their Pet Policy and you're good to go! 

For a day trip, you can enjoy the beautiful huge outdoor space of theirs and feed a few animals they have  But first you need to avail of their minimum Php 500 per head dining fee at their restaurant Cucina Bernardo. Yes, to be honest, it's quite pricey. But since we haven't taken the kids out in two years, spending a bit for this day is not an issue.

This is also the first time the kids ate outdoors. We would always just do drive-thru and eat in the car. It was so nice to see their happy faces enjoying their meal. :)

This was our beautiful view from our lunch table. :)

Finally after eating, we went back to the front desk to buy a few feeds for the animals - Php 10 each. 

The main animals that you can feed here are the ducks and chickens. It's not like farm-level but my boys enjoyed this. :)

BTW, during the time that we went, there were a lot of people (mostly families with kids), But since the place is big, you get to really observe distancing and that was a big factor for us.

Of course, before leaving, gotta avail of those picture spots!

Verdict? I'm glad we went here. It was a really good breather for the family. Especially my kids. I'm hoping we can plan something similar again - outdoor fun. :)

In case you also want to visit Angel Fields, you can check out some information here:

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